Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

With the storm over, one might think things would return to normal, but the truth is that some things will never be the same. Val has a new slave, the poor thing. I’m sure he’d free her if he knew how. While I feel badly for the woman, I can’t help but be intrigued as to how Val will handle this new situation.

Of course I had a terribly busy night what with a customer and then… Master Barro. Who was looking to reproduce. Obviously not going to happen with me. Enough said about that. The first thing I did once dawn arrived was head back up the hill. Feeling less than fresh and a lot sore, I just want to put the night behind me.

I heard the jail suffered damage when lightning hit during the storm. The three orc brothers escaped. (My goodness, they were still in lockup?)

After my bath, I spoke with Lady Blackwell. She was concerned that Aria might have lost interest in courtesan training and asked me to speak with her.

I did and quickly discovered Aria has an aptitude and great deal of interest in the martial techniques the Sheriff had to teach her. I allowed that perhaps the manor could use someone who could protect the manor.  She seemed very interested, though also reticent about her courtesan training.

I think this has great potential. Aria has a natural ability for etiquette. I think she could be very valuable in protecting the Manor and especially Lady Blackwell or myself when we travel. I will see about providing a modest income for her, should Lady Blackwell agree.

A few days later Neela’s Aunt Neela arrived. How… interesting. Her “aunt” is some sort of cat shifter or cat person. Strange. And apparently surprised that Neela has a boyfriend. Silly. I mean, did she really think Neela was coming here for the services of the Manor?

Sheriff came by our table and asked if Marjie and Cathal would look for Herkimer. He’s been missing for two days.

I began working on a proposal to give to the mayor about a lookout tower. Something helpful that will allow us a chance to spot incoming airships, ships, and storms before it’s upon us. Of course that might mean the Sheriff has to assign someone to man it.

Anyway, I volunteered to speak with Forfur about the missing Herkimer, but we all went together. Forfur then helped us search and ultimately we found poor Herkimer. He’d been murdered — strung up and gutted. We cut him down but then ran into the murderer.

It was a dark dwarf, a Charred One. We managed to defeat it when Aria put a slave collar on it. It told us it was scouting the area, checking defenses and that was why it killed Herkimer. But he shadow walked away and chose to let the collar kill him before telling us more.

Once back at town, we had to give the body and an update to the Sheriff. We also gave him the charr’s mask. (Later I had to ask the Sheriff to destroy it because it kept calling me and tempting me with power. I was afraid of the consequence of taking it.)




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