Notes for Session 1

Hektor and Sylus hang out at the Kraken Inn. Hektor drunk as usual. Man named Xanthros has joined them, though Hektor has long since figured out he isn’t a “man” at all.

  • In walk a gorgeous woman, an elf woman, and a hulking, apish goblin.
  • The women arrange for rooms and go for a bath before supper
  • Hektor walks over and joins the goblin, thinking him a big, green ape.
    • Hektor praises him as being the most impressive ape he’d ever hard tale of. The “ape” realized Hektor is talking about an animal, and corrects him. Hektor is apologetic.
    • The “ape” says his name is Mawl, but isn’t sure if he wants to hit Hektor or buy him an ale. Hearing the word “ale”, Hektor suggests Mawl flip a coin to help him with the decision. Heads, Mawl hits him. But tales, Mawl buys him an ale.
    • It comes up heads. Sylus and Xanthros look tense, but Hektor just sits there grinning and tells Mawl he’s got his answer then. But Mawl cheers and decides to just buy Hektor an ale after deciding he liked this human.
    • Hektor leaves Mawl to his meal and returns to his own table.
  • The elf and woman return.
  • Five men at arms arrive at the inn. Again, things are tense when they begin harassing the young waitress. Sylus and Hektor seem to recognize the warriors’ livery.
  • Sylus shows one of them to the outhouse to keep him off the waitress, who is upset and promptly disappears.
    • Sylus warps the outhouse door, sealing the guard inside the outhouse as a prank.
  • Soon there is a thump and sound of breaking wood. Then the guard comes into the inn and collapses, blood flowing from a fresh neck wound.
  • The man in charge of the soldiers quickly locks down the inn and sends out a man to track the murderer.
  • The soldiers carefully search everyone. Blame is cast toward the waitress and their family.
  • Soon the group go outside to take a look at the scene of the attack – which is just outside the door to the inn. They find tracks that lead them around back to the cellar.
  • Inside the cellar, Sylus finds a hidden, freshly dug tunnel.
  • The one leading the soldiers offers 10 guilders a head for those who go in there and put an end to the killer or killers.


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