Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

The storm was coming so I went to the manor and helped seal the shutters etc. But soon Tanya from the inn came up with a message that the Sheriff wanted the deputies a the inn tonight to help keep things calm. Ah, the things I must do for this town. Apparently I need now to give up a comfortable bed on a stormy night.

But I did go, faithful Aria at my back. There some of the remaining folk from the airship filtered in. My friends were there by the time I arrived, of course, except for Val.

It turned out that a client of mine was there! In truth it was a pleasant diversion to see Terrance’s friendly face. He treats me like such a gentleman how could I refuse him service even if it would be only in a lowly room at an inn instead of my personal chambers?

Two other strangers filtered in. One man seemed rather dashing. Perhaps too dashing. I think he is not what he seems. Then a woman came in as well. I noticed some form of domination magic lingering about the woman and some sort of transformative magic about the man. The man asked to see me when I was free and it has made me very curious.

When Val arrived, that woman approached him and dragged him off. Now, by this time Neela was off enjoying the storm for she is a storm maiden. I’m not quite sure what all that means but clearly she loves to ride the winds of storm and thunder. Anyway, Val and this woman (turns out her name is Ularah) have a conversation and the next thing I know she is kneeling before him. And she is wearing a slave collar. Not the cheap iron kind, either. She was very obviously his slave, too. I cannot understand how this happened, but it did anger me.

I admit to enlivening things between Terrance and I and soon we were in the privacy of a room where I showed him pleasures of a rougher sort than we usually engaged in. But I daresay I made a most impressive showing. He was exhausted and sleeping like a baby in but an hour’s time. That left me plenty of evening to investigate our newcomers more closely.

Well, Aria mentioned to him the pleasures of the Manor, but he seemed uninterested. He tried to tempt Marjie, but she decided she wouldn’t betray her beau. He left a key finally.

Ultimately, my curiosity won out. I disguised myself as Marjie with her coaching and clothes, and went in. But his sense of smell is quite good and he figured me out. He decided to enjoy me anyway and we had many hours of rough, bestial sex. Yet he was not cruel, just not… gentlemanly.

After it was over I asked what it was that he was looking for and it came out that he wanted a woman he could impregnate. I always take Dame’s Delight and so of course that was why I was not a good candidate for him. He didn’t know Marjie also took it.

When I came downstairs, I looked up his name… and I recognized it. He is a red dragon looking to plant his seed! I nearly fainted…


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