Fina’s Notes

In her own words…

The next day was the usual cleanup after the party. It didn’t take long since the whole town helped.

Mental note: We need the service of a stone mason. Wouldn’t it be handy if we had a large supply of big, round stones for him to lob at enemies? I think so.

Marjie got us drunk for lunch. Just one shot of stone wine did it! I don’t remember a lot after that.

And then suddenly it was five hours later and a dwarf by name of Fogrun arrived. I welcomed him and we treated him well. I did ask him of the story of the rock wine, but he recommended that one be told by a bard, which he agreed to speak to. Perhaps a dwarven bard might appear one day.

He turned out to be Evona’s grandfather — and king of the dwarves. He wants Evona to come home with him.

The Sheriff asked us to keep an eye on his safety. ::sigh:: Well, he certainly was sad. Marjie and I had a late night conversation with him and learned some important things. His son, a prince had died as well as his wife. Evona is all the dwarf king has of his son. Well, one of his sons.

Ultimately, she decided to remain in town. The next morning the dwarven king Forgrun met with us. He returned memories to me and my friends, then asked we never tell anyone about what lay beneath the the village. We swore to do so and became members of the “stone guard”. I’m not sure what that means.

He told us a story about the blood brandy. How it caused a rift among the dwarves, creating the race of the druegar, also known as the Charr Dwarves. Before he left, he gave me a ring to give his daughter, which I did. The ring was his son’s, her father’s.

Later that next day, an airship came in, and they were in a hurry. A storm is coming…

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