Session 12

I radio to the contact we have, expressing that we need to go talk to our leaders about everything we have experienced here.  I am told that it will be brought up with their leaders and they will be back to us about it in “a few ons.”  When I ask what an “on” is, I get blown off.  I also pointed out that I wasn’t aware that we were prisoners here, and I was assured that we are not.

A few minutes later there is a beep from over by the door.  It is a man that looks similar to the Ensign.  He asks if we would be willing to talk to him.  I let him in.  They ask to interview Archon, including scans.  We tell him that we need to discuss this with our leadership as well.  They also ask to create an interface to have the two technologies be able to talk to each other.  We discuss this amongst ourselves and come to the conclusion that we aren’t able to make that decision since our mission is to determine the feasibility of having diplomatic relations with this culture.

It turns out that an “on” is a few months, and we are not allowed to leave until they make their decision as to whether or not we are enemies to them.  I determine it’s time we need to go, since we are no longer being treated like guests.    While this is going on, Camo sneaks out to try to find the ship.  When we discuss leaving to try to find the ship, we realize Camo is gone.  I have Nola tell him that if he’s not back when we leave, he will be left behind.  Evidently he’s on his way back to us.

Camo gets back and Stagg reveals to us that he’s got another consciousness inside, trying to gain control and get information.  Camo defeats the invader from Stagg’s consciousness.

We go out and get into Stagg’s air car and work our way towards the ship.  We have alien cops after us in two other air cars, and Stagg tries to do evasive maneuvers.  They fire on our engines, which forces us to land.  We run for it, as the bug-like creatures land and start running after us.  There is a security squad trying to intercept us, and we still have our ship locked up with magnetic locks.  They shoot at us, and the fight is on.  We get past them, and decide to try to get to the ship from below so that we can destroy the mag locks.

We take off and are intercepted by a large enemy cruiser.  We take out their engines first, and then we take out their fighter bays.  They try to ram us, and as they are about to, Captain Vaako shows up and destroys the cruiser.  He lands on the Archon and I fill him in on what happened.  Certain things will not be in the final report, including what happened to Stagg and our new crew members.  Captain Vaako hitches a ride on our ship, so we can meet up with his ship.

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