Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

Eventually, Val stopped talking of his hypothetical stories, saying it was just some things that had been bothering him about his time in the legions. I really hope he’s okay. He seems tense.

I took Neela and Margie up to my room and I found some nice clothes and accessories in preparation for the dance. I discovered that Neela is actually the daughter of High Lord and Lady Imalas!

Then Lady Blackwell called me to speak with her. She told me that now that I am a partner I can winnow down my client list (currently 54) to just those I’m still willing to entertain. Then we can send out messages to let them know I’m going private. This is quite exciting! I need only take clients I wish to have now.


  • Harl Goldenbrow — Wealthy merchant that fancies himself a bard, though he has more enthusiasm than skill in music. But for all that he’s a happy person with a seemingly bottomless purse.
  • Niklaus Severin — A mysterious man, Fina thinks he may be some kind of secret agent that takes holiday from time to time. He never discusses his business, though, and treats her with respect.
  • Golda Harald — Married elf noblewoman (married a human) who prefers woman but must keep it secret. Fina keeps her secret and finds her gentle, cautious nature charming.
  • Terrus Finewater — Made a name as a duelist with a fiery temper, he’s exciting, interesting but also an honorable man.
  • Marius Greenfield — Half elven bastard son of a noble who disowned him, he made something of himself earning notice from a lord and becoming a knight on his own merit.
  • Scipio Gannus — A arena fighter promoter, he’s done well for himself by training his own stable of gladiators and performers. He’s the sort that is in control of every part of his life that he comes to Fina to not be in control for a night. He’s also very wealthy.
  • The dragon lord, Hernan. ‘Nuff said.
  • Captain Harless, pirate. Not really that Fina wants him on the list but she won’t refuse him if he requests her because she’d made certain hints that cooperation with the town could have some pleasant benefits.
  • Lord Relindil — but Fina knows there’s probably no chance he’ll engage her for services. She thinks he’ll never return after she ran off after Arria last time he visited.

And then my mother showed up! She said she’d been traveling, went to some cities and then decided she missed the village. She’s staying in the inn for now.

That next day the troubadours arrives and I taught a second night of dance. I caught the eye of one of the younger male performers, I think. Perhaps he’ll write a song. I’ve never had a song written for me before.

I took the opportunity to plan a big splash for an entrance for Lady Blackwell and I. It turned out the musicians had a distinctively energetic style. The town adapted, much to several people’s surprise, and everyone had a good time. Drink flowed like water! I made it my duty to make sure everyone was able to dance, but honestly it wasn’t needed. People were bopping right along to the energetic troupe. They are called the Tossing Pints.

Turns out Arria had intercepted the Mayor’s invitation for a band to play and sent it to a band of her friend in Terandun. I couldn’t be more proud! But she must never speak of what she did, and she knows that.

I left a ribbon for Milton to find, a little bit of a thank you and something for him to remember me by.





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