Session 11

There are 6 “humans” waiting for us that look like three sets of twins.  One of them looks like me, one looks like the Ensign, and one looks like a female version of Gunny.  Our standard away team disembarks to meet with the aliens.  We are taken into this huge building that is almost like a city inside.  This place seems to be made for a much bigger race.

I ask if they are Ambassadors, and they say that they volunteered to do Ambassadorial duties for us.  They will be there to answer our questions and help us to find housing and see to our needs.  They say that they anticipated a little bit of culture shock, so they chose to take forms similar to ours in order to not scare us.

Camo asks how they were able to achieve this so quickly.  They grew the bodies in four hours, and they downloaded a portion of their consciousness to the bodies.  They let us know that we will be meeting up with the Taskmaster, and hopefully our questions will be answered.  It is also expressed to us that they think we have plenty to learn from each other.  The Taskmaster is a volunteer who has a responsibility over this installation.  He has two cohorts that he works with to bring harmony and provide resources.

They lead us to an auditorium, and there is something standing at the front of the room.  It looks similar to the figure we put together from the DNA.  It is 9 feet tall, has 4 legs, 2 arms, 8 eyes, no exoskeleton (internal skeleton), and leathery skin.  It has also has a mandible.  This one has delicate looking wings, and it is reddish-brown with spots.  The woman speaks up and introduces us to The Taskmaster.  He greets us (through the woman), and says that we are regarded as guests.  His hope is that our accommodations meet our every desire.  I thank him for his hospitality, while Camo crawls over him and sees what information he can gather about this species.

They have always considered it likely that there were other species out there, but they continued along their path knowing that it would be inevitable.  Gunny volunteers to be inspected by one of them.  Nola asks about the difference in technology, and they explain that there is a positive charge, a negative charge, and no charge.  They use all three, instead of a binary technology that we use.  Two of the women lead Gunny off to inspect him.

We are invited to look at our new accommodations, and I say sure.  There is a misunderstanding about how long we will be staying.  They were under the impression that it was permanent.  I express that it will need to be a rather short visit, so that we can go back to our people to report back.  We express that we are here to try to forge a friendship.  They are very eager to show us to our accommodations, and they hope that we will change our minds about staying.  I have to explain about how time is finite for us, since our bodies expire.  The aliens look astonished at my concepts and say that they have to go discuss amongst themselves.  They will return.

One returns when I page and ask about food.  We have a discussion about how Archon is downloaded into a synthetic body, and her purpose.  Also, we discuss why her past life was removed from her memory.  It leads into a discussion on quantum computers and how we can calculate things so quickly.  Our host says to call her Walks on Moonlight, which is how her name would translate into our language.  She agrees that we can shorten it to Moonlight, and she takes us on a tour.  Moonlight sits down to eat with us and explore the food they brought for us.

Gunny comes back with the two women who are somewhat clingy to him.  Camo examines him.  Camo confirms to Nola and I that Gunny is a clone.  Nola is given some engineering tools to play with and figure out.  Gunny goes with the two women back to their quarters instead of sleeping with us.

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