ShadowFate Session 3 A Funeral, A Meeting, & New Housemates OR A GLAM life

We have now decided to Rename the AM-DM AREA  – Gran Lac  – Ames Metro  – GLAM.

Day time stuff – Cassie’s funeral was held.  It was huge. The band was, perhaps, more famous than we knew, people came in from all over.  There were security checks and Stephanie and Rose almost didn’t make it in, they had to present the house invitation. Then they were stopped at another check point for weapons, which they turned over. Stephanie got the names of the security firm.  Cassie’s brothers spoke at the funeral, as did many members of the school. She died of a heart attack before her time she will be missed. After the service they processed to the mausoleum in a horse drawn hearse to give the fans a chance to say goodbye. There was no mention of her husband.

When I awoke I got my usual updates and some of the information I has asked Stephanie to find Jameson security Inc. provided the security. The funeral arrangements were made by the Metric band Members: Genie, Jamie, Brandon, & Tyler.

THE EVENT was tonight. The Duke, Payden, and Shade were sitting in the entertainment room when I went through. Warren told me that he believes that Lilah is a spy.  Then Stephanie got my attention to let me know that 10% of my wealth has been taken.  I called in the Geek Squad and together they are tracking down where the money went who took it and how.

About ten I told everyone working with me to get ready for the meeting. I then told Stephanie to get Lilah ready to my level of appearance. When I came down. I told her she looked good.  Warren asked if I wanted to pray and I said I would like that. I figured every little bit of help would be a good thing tonight.  Warren told him that this would help him resist some powers.

Warren and Logan went early, Lilah and I followed after about ½ an hour later.  I noticed that the name of the club is now Loli. I bet Eric is just going to love that when he finds out. The staff is dressed in Lolita style clothing and all look quite young.

At midnight, the music stopped and the lights came up on a chair, “Welcome all my dolls, I hope you are all enjoying yourselfs…. I don’t hear anything. (I made the creak creak sound under my breath). Well then we will just have to up the entertainment and I see my favorite play thing. The spot light shown on Logan.  Loli kept talking and said something. I honestly stopped paying attention, other than to note that she sounded even more creepy and crazy the more she talked.  She asked who wanted to begin swearing fealty.  Again there was no rush to the stage and an intense hush fell over the room.

I started paying attention again when some random kindred, was strung up and whipped until he was bloody, the beating was stopped by the echo of the tapping of a cane on the stage.

Nero appeared and said the rules are simple. Do as I say. Don’t go against me. Don’t get in my way, otherwise do as you want you are vampires. There are those that work for me, those you will obey as if I were speaking.

The Duke appeared suddenly and openly challenged him.  Saying this was his town, and he was willing to fight for it, for one thing he knew how to do was fight.

Nero took the cowards way out and said he would favor any of those that took out the Duke.

Warren whispered Coward and Nero looked right at him, some of the Crowd took up the whisper some big hulk of a kindred yelled he is not a coward and tacked someone. I didn’t see who through the crowd.

The duke whipped some asps out of his sleeve and was tackled. Then was whisked from the building. I called for my car as a general melee broke out and worked my way out of the building.

I lost track of the others, Lilah stayed with me though. I texted Warren and he said we were meeting at the club.  When I got there I noticed, that things were ummm, more intimate, more sensual. I called Stephanie and had her bring us Casual Club clothes, meanwhile I got back to work tracking my missing funds which eventually lead me to Maliki, Imperious Inc.

I went down and informed the Duke that I had recorded Neros message. In case we wanted to have it delivered to Shadow Gate.  The Duke was in a mood. Ayita got the Duke something to drink. In hind sight I should have known and tried to sneak out sooner. It was a Z-Bomb. When I tried to sneak out, but the Duke told me to sit. Then ordered a round for the house. I motioned for the bartender to give me a small glass and things went sort of crazy, people were going to the private rooms, the Duke dragged one of Warren’s girls there. Ayita went sort of crazy on me, I tried to resist and finally I went with it and tried to make sure she had a good time so I bit her and she bit me back. I sort of lost track of everything around me after that. When the drink wore off and we headed home to talk bringing Ayita and Garret Wade to talk about joining our happy band.

We got home and went to the pool bar and talked about Paulo and Elizabeth.  Secrets were revealed which I am not going to write down because they are well secrets.

I used my power on Lilah and allowed Warren to ask if she was a spy. And she answered no that I am aware of.  All decided to live in the Mansion for now and were allowed to choose open rooms.

We adjourned to the pool.

I talked to Logan about getting revenge on the band. I am seriously put out about the way they handled the funeral of someone living in my home.  He told me to clear anything with him before I acted on it. Then I talked to Payden about it.

1 Skill point reward.

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