Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words.

I woke up refreshed to find a new caravan had arrived in town! They have lovely purple cloth. I had breakfast with Marjie and the famished Cathol then shopped a little, getting a great amount of beautiful pink cloth.

The mayor finished Marjie’s dress, or practically so, so I engaged her to make me a new dress too! She was overjoyed when I told her to keep any cloth left over in payment for her work.

A little later Cathol was still eating and Marjie noticed people were acting a little funny. Passing notes, acting a little out of character, that sort of thing. Of course I reassured her she was overreacting. Then I asked  barkeep what was going on and he lied, saying there was nothing, then hurried away. These people are so cute when they try to keep a secret!

I will probably let it go. It feels like something harmless. Oh who am I kidding! I have to know!

Meanwhile I began my dance lessons for people in the town, using the Abbner family barn. Nick brought a flute and Groinlen brought his drum! We had music! It turns out Tyr is an excellent dancer, too. Anyway it was pretty successful.

Next day, business as usual. Breakfast at the inn, some chitchat, all that stuff. But then Val started getting weird, talking about stuff that never happened. Talking about going in the cursed tunnels! Really. He needs to work on his practical joking.

Then he got us all together and asked us a series of weird hypothetical questions…






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