ShadowFate Session 2 introducing new characters and the monsters in the Lake or I want a cataplut

Shadow Fate Session 2.

Well we made it through another day which is always good. Stephanie told me that there was an armed guard stationed outside the guest’s quarters.  I reviewed last day’s tapes but didn’t see anything of note.

When I walked in the Kitchen area I heard Lilah say she was new made and had only been in the Ames area for a few months. I dismissed the security guard so we could talk more openly. But before we could talk more it was decided to move our operations to our Club.

I tapped into the Grape Vine and learned that: No word has been heard from Duke Victor Hecate or Eric Zeverand, Caspian has been seen in the Ames area at Trinity, (Caspian told me this as we were sitting in Trinity.)

I was introduced to a Kindred named Garret Wade.  Warren was going to interview him for a security position in the underground. Apparently he did well and Warren wanted me to run a background check and check out his references.

Glowing references for him. He checks out. Knows when to fight and when to intimidate.  Rides for the brand, dresses like a cowboy. Sort looks like Sam Elliot. Head Bouncer mostly moving on when the job was no longer interesting, He stayed the longest with a Vampire. I told Warren that he checked out and he was hired. I had a short talk with him and said that I might have some security work for him if he got bored with what he would be doing at the club and that if I like the security suggestions I would ask him to check over the security of my mansion, then I went to check on other things in the club.

While I was doing the background check Caspian told me that, Ayita, a kindred that normally doesn’t show up is here tonight. I think she is trying to find out what side to come down on.  I think Caspian went to talk to her but I made a mental note to try and talk to her later.

I was up in the viewing deck talking to Warren about something when the fight broke out. Fights are not normal here but our people have been trained how to react. Once of the dancers, I think it was that new girl Lilah tried to take some of the steam out of it she tried to draw attention to herself and mesmerize them. I saw a few of the those fighting stop to look at her get hit and keep on dancing. I guess that’s one way to break up a fight. I met Logan at the door that led to the main floor. He must have come up from Ashes while I came down from the balcony. I had his back as we pushed through the crowd. Fang was also pushing through the crowd when we got to the main combatants, it was a werewolf and a vampire. I know this because they were both starting to freak out. We hustled them back to the green room. Arcasion met us there and said that he didn’t recognize the vampire. I tried to ask the werewolf if he was ok and He said something in a growly language Fang translated it as something not nice. He then put the werewolf to sleep. We put him out in the alley.

I tried to question the Vampire but the young pup got snarky. I told Logan to take care of him just as Lilah walked into the room and asked if she could do anything.  I don’t think she is accustomed to violence. I don’t know what it says about me that I am. For a bit I felt really old and tired but I manned up and called Warren to see if he know the Vampire that Logan had just staked. Warren didn’t know him. When a quiet voice said I have seen him before, Neal meet him some times. Warren started questioning her and told that now was the time to come clean about things. He could tell she was holding back. He scared her so much she looked like a trapped animal. I looked into her eyes and told her to CALM DOWN. I reinforce this with my power and I think I calmed her too much. She went from frantic to almost catatonic. I think if she had been mortal I might have done damage. Warren was wiping blood from his hands I handed him a kerchief I think he got most of it. He talked to Lilah a while and got more of her story.  She told us that, indirectly she worked for Nero, and recognized the vampire as one of Neil’s associates.

Then Logan took the staked vampire to the lake where he was going to tie a cinder block to his feet and dump him in. He borrowed Warrens car to do this since he rode his bike to the club.

I feed and then went to the room of people that saw too much to adjust their memory.

Afterward I went to talk to Warren, about tomorrow.  The night wore down and we headed home.

Logan told me about Warren’s car being vandalized when the body was taken to the lake, tires were slashed, the stereo were taken, and even his Jesus bobble head was missing.  He apparently had also been attacked by something in the water.  The kindred, Ayita, was with him and came to his rescue or he to hers I am not sure but they both made it back alive. I must do something nice for her. Mental note I think we should build a trebuchet or catapult, after all what good is it being a rich geek if I can’t do rich geeky things.

Logan called home and Stephanie was a bad girl. She hung up on him. I will need to have harsh words and a harsher punishment. I must admit Logan impressed me that night. He offered to pay for the repairs to Warren’s car even after his nightmare of a night.

When we got home the Duke wanted to talk to us. We also talked about submitting or rebelling or bending kneed until we can arrange a counter Coue. The Duke announced he would be attending Nero’s little function which we are required to attend or be branded effectively outlaws, kill on sight by this new “emperor” of the AM-DM (Ames metro- Des Moines) area. We apparently, are going to bend knee and bide.

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