Session 10

We meet up with Captain Vaako, where I head to his ship to meet and discuss our next mission.  There is an alien culture that we need to investigate.  They are space-faring, advanced in some areas, but less advanced in space travel.  They have colonized their star system, but at sub-light speed.  They are very private, with radio transmissions that appear to have been normalized.  They could be trying to hide themselves.  We need to make contact and determine if they would make good partners for the Confederacy.    Subtlety is tantamount.

I get back to the Archon and let the crew know of our next mission.  We set course for Roka 473, and Archon gives us a printout of what we know about them.  We decide that Camo would be the best candidate to go into the system and observe.  He will fit in the best in the jungle planet, so that will be his destination.  He mind melds with Nola so that he can communicate telepathically with her later from afar.

We decide to get close to the jungle planet (Roka 2) so that we can drop off Camo with a pilot and shuttle.  Then we will leave, and Camo will pose as a traveling scientist who is there to research.  We will wait on the outer edges of the system.

Archon figures out that their population is around 39 Trillion, which is WAY bigger than The Confederation.  Yeah, let’s go for subterfuge instead of walking in blindly to say “Hi.”

When we drop out of hyperspace, we see a large ship and 7 cruisers headed our way.  They have solar sails to boost their speed.  We jump into hyperspace early to avoid the ships.  There’s a huge lurch, but we seem to be alive.  Camo says that he makes contact, and is given DNA sequencing.  Nola starts working on it to see if we can decipher what we are dealing with by putting it in the mind web and having Archon help with it.  Camo meets with them, and they point out that they know exactly where we are.  They also have taken on the human form, and they look similar to the Ensign.  They are trying to pass off that they are close to human in appearance.

Since they know where The Archon is and would like to speak with us, we decide to go in to meet with them.  The shuttle flies up to rejoin The Archon, escorted by the aliens.  Camo fills me in on what he’s found out so far.  We are being led to Roka 5, which is the gas giant.  Camo requests the missing DNA, and as they are about to transmit it one of the ships is vivisected by light.  There is a flash and a massive chunk of the big ship in front of us vaporizes.  We are sent communication from others, and told that we were being lied to and taken away.  We are told we will be safe and taken to the real Haven.  They express they have the ability to manipulate genetics, and they have eliminated all illness.  Our DNA was scanned off of the shuttle and they have their own mind web that is public, where the information was put.

Camo figures out what the DNA for the aliens would look like as an adult, and they are insectoid.   We get to Haven, and the gravity is less than we are used to.  When we land, they let us know that because of our DNA this world was chosen for us to be most comfortable on.  We land the ship on the planet, and get ready to disembark.

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