ShadowFate Session 1

ShadowFate Session 1

takes place after Session 43 of ShadowGate (Now playing using Fate rules.)

Duke, Eric, Noir, Dar? and Karon? are in the Mansion    Nickoli is now missing as are Paulo and Laticia/Elisabeth.

We got back in time to go to bed before sunrise and when we woke up that night we went to the kitchen and all got mugs of coffee,  it smelled great and  still tastes terrible. I think we were all in shock. Not from the coffee but from the events of the night before.

The Duke’s rescue, Cassandra’s kidnapping and death. It had been a full night.

The Duke, Eric, and Noir were staring in our direction. When I took the sip and made the yuck face. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation then Warren asked how soon they could be here.  I am assuming that he meant Nero and his goons.  The Duke said it depends on what they want.  I said I thought that Nero didn’t want to stay he wanted something else and probably made a deal with some of our former people to have control when he left.  The Duke said that we couldn’t guess that we had to know.   I said very well my Lord and called my security firm to up the manpower and on duty and start recruiting.

Payden said that she wanted to know our plans and said she wanted to go on record as being tired of cleaning up Paulo’s messes. As I went to make the phone call to my security firm. Stepahnie, intercepted me and told me that : half of Warrens girls didn’t make it home, the club was raided and so were several other places, Elysium was completely destroyed by fire, Nicolai’s holdings were devastated and she thought he might be staked, From what she could figure out ½ of kindred society had been eliminated or turned, and last an envelope with a wax seal addressed to M. Alucard and coterie had been delivered. As I started to dial she told me that she had contacted the security firm and told them to up the manpower on duty and start recruiting. I do have to note that during this conversation right after she told me about Nicolai disappearance. She embarrassed me by shouting about the gargoyles in Nicolai’s house. I actually had to slap her to get her to focus. She obviously isn’t getting the attention she needs. I must correct this.

I took the news and the envelope back into the kitchen

The note once opened said, “Your presence is commanded two days hence to present yourselves to your new emperor, failure to answer this summons indicates that you are in rebellion to your rightful Emperor and will be executed on sight. The address given is Eric’s club. The Duke asked if I was extending my hospitality and granted the Duke the right of my home and lands.  Then I am not sure how it happened but Warren took a knee and re-swore his allegiance to the Duke. I dropped to a knee next to him. The rest followed and we all swore fealty to the Duke. I would have liked to have been first but honestly the thought didn’t occur to me, still in such troubled time I guess such gestures are necessary. The meeting then adjourned. When I suggested that the Duke might like to see if Nicolai’s house would suit his needs for the nonce, since he didn’t seem to be using it. Noir said something about did someone say there were gargoyles there and he was off with the Duke and Eric following.

On a different note Payden is pregnant, I didn’t think our kind could get pregnant but I guess that shows what I know. I was wondering who the father is, I suspect Russell.

The Coterie decided to go to the club to see what was damaged in the raid. When we got there, the club was going through its normal opening routine.  It pays to have good people.

Warrens boy’s, Jack, Thomas, and Robert, said that about 15 kindred sought shelter and that they hid them. I am glad that Tom made it back. I will have to ask him about his adventure. (In ShadowGate session 43 Tom was separated from the rest of us.)

I went next store to the sheriff station to check on the hounds. Most of them stayed true to the Duke and most of those that didn’t paid the price.  I found Devon Sin and Caspian there. Kaspian started giving me lists. The first one was things the club would need to reopen. The second was a list of things he thought the station would need to be brought up to snuff and made livable and the third was a list of things we as a city would need to recover or replace that were lost in the holding and building that were destroyed or taken during the struggles.

I arranged for Kaspian to be housed elsewhere, fully expecting another list to appear eventually. When Kaspian asked if I knew where the Duke was staying I have him the house number for Nicolai. He left to talk to the Duke and look over his new digs.

The hounds looked relieved and one thanked me when I wadded up the second list and threw it away.

I hired a concierge to handle the third list, I hired him from the best hotel in the city. I handed the first list to Steph.

I was sitting in Warren office when I was told that there was someone that is looking for a care taker. I sent them to the green door on the side. Where I found an orphan looking pretty strung out.  I took her to Ashes then the underground and was talking to her trying to get her back ground.  She said her name was Lilah. I offered her a job and possibly a place to stay. We asked Rose to show her around the place and see what she would like to try, waitressing, bartending, or cage dancing.  When I passed by I saw her half naked and dancing in one of the cages she had drawn a very large crowd.  Warran brought her up to start filling in the paper work, for now she wanted to be paid under the table.  I offered her a place to stay for a night or two until we could find her something else.

Warren said he hoped that I knew what I was doing.  Letting an unknown vampire come into our haven.

There was something about her I don’t know what it was but I just shrugged and said friend close and all that.

I think I will try and get Nicolai holding back and hold them for him using them for the good of the city. I don’t think this war is going to be cheap.

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