Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

Marjie and Val joined us in that cavern under the underground freshwater lake. I talked to Cathal and he took his shirt off and made a torch from a smashed cask of blood brandy. (And he thought it tasted really, really, really good.)

Val was irritated with me running off, but he dried Marjie and I and I apologized to him for running off when I heard the voice of my goddess. Chesty hugs work with him.

The drums we were hearing were continuing so we went exploring, finding routes down and deeper into the earth. It continued to be too wet for those rockworms so we kept going. We went the better part of a mile deep! I think.

It ended at 30′ x 30′ door. It was made of special metal that doesn’t rust. It might be adamantine. It also had socket for some kind of key. Or keyhole. After studying the door, I was able to produce an illusion of the Key so accurate the door activated!

Inside we found hordes of dwarf skeletons. They appear to have died fighting each other — and they had slave collars on them. All the alternate exists had been sealed by collapsing those tunnels. We did notice the drum beats were louder in one area than the others. There were columns carved with dwarves, but all identifying heraldry or identifiable faces were removed. The pillars seemed to contain part of a recipe for a hopped beverage.

Val retrieved the dwarven ring from Andermath via his air elemental. No one else wanted to wear it, so I put it on and all the intact skeletons animated! Geez. Creepy. We then found a subterannean stasis field thing and then I realized this place is probably the tomb of a fallen titan!

I freed the skeletal dwarves, we sealed the place up and we left. On the way out I discovered this huge, magically powerful dwarven battle suit! But it can’t fit out the opening we took so I left it behind.

Back at town Val really wanted that ring back. At first I hesitated — I don’t really trust this kind of power in the Sheriff’s hands to be honest but Val got very upset and took it personally. But then I realized — it’s not like I need it anyway. I know the magic now to perfectly mimic it with Glamour. I might even forge my own one day. Terribly handy thing you know, especially if someone ends up in a collar again.

Marjie and Cathal went to get cleaned up so I went up to the mansion and had a special invitation made for Cathal for a discounted evening of pleasure. My way of thanking him for risking his life for me. Then I got a good bath.


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