Session Nine

So here we are in quarantine…

Nola has the ship’s orbit stabilized, so it will not go hurtling into the planet.  And then one of the blackened bodies gets up!  The other one that was strapped down breaks its way out.  It’s close, but the commandos come through and finish them both off.  Camo’s space suit is a casualty, however.  Nola seals off some doors, and the commandos go down below with Gunny.  They take out the threat.  It gets creepy, as we hear one break through a door off of the cockpit, and we decide we need to move quickly to take them out.  Our communications are cut.  One of the commandos is taken out horrifically, by one of the zombies puking in his mouth.  Two more commandos are taken out horribly, leaving just the leader of them.  Gunny opens up and takes the zombie out.  We take a breather before moving on to the next couple of zombies.  Gunny torches the dead commando that was infected, and the body screams!  The remaining commando flips out and punches Gunny, threatening to bring him up on court marshall charges.  Uh oh, Gunny got puked on.  He’s not looking so good, as we fight three zombies.  Nola gets infected, as well, and we end up taking out the zombies.  The last one is secured behind the bulkhead.  Camo has figured out a cure, and first cures Nola.  He then works on Gunny.

Camo makes it clear that this is HIGHLY contagious, and we will have to decontaminate extensively before even going back to our ship.  We will need follow-up treatment to make sure that there is no dormant infection.  We did, however, eliminate the immediate threat of infected people.  In his opinion (Camo’s), there is no way to clean this ship safely, due to the residue.  The ship falls back into a decaying orbit, preventing us from taking any artifacts off of it.  The TSI was still somewhat active, so it could have changed the orbit as a last stab at us.  We decontaminate and head back to the Archon.

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