Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

The old wizard Andermath told us these agaroth things can’t stand water. Hm. Not good. So, I’m going to bring a wineskin and a water skin both. Maybe two water skins. I admit I’m very nervous about this whole thing. Must remember — take no Mithral or suffer the Curse of the Dwarf Maiden. I got two 100′ lengths of rope knotted up.

You know, the way he talks seems a bit wild and senile, but I think he might be blessed by Sarai. He’s a tricky old coot! I like him.

We got ready to go and again Val sent Arria behind. I walked her back to the mansion and debated returning, but Arria convinced me to go. When I got there, I went quietly and heard Val arguing with Marjie about my lack of survival skills and bringing a young girl with. He was very angry with and spent a lot of time telling that I manipulate him. That hurt. When he went down the rope, I would have gone home, but Marjie convinced me to stay. At least she saw how much he dislikes me. I still do not know what I have done ever to anger him. Ah, puppy-dog eyes are my bane. Marjie flashed those sad eyes at me and I caved.

Literally. We had to crawl in that cave for an hour, then came to an open area with a pool of water. We stood around a lot while Val mumbled at his elementals. Then they asked for a light and Cathol jumped in and swam deep. When he came back, he reported seeing a whole dwarven city down there.

I mostly kept quiet, leaving Val’s ego to soak up the extra air. It seemed to do him good. I saw him smile as he muttered something to his elementals. Eventually we thought it would be best to go to the Gooseman farm and try luring the creatures from there.

Then a keg of Charr dwarf blood brandy floated up. It was old, and I think! Maybe of Charr Dwarf make! maybe that is why this place is cursed. Anyway, I agreed with Val we should go to the Gooseman farm and we turned to leave.

And then She spoke to me. I was going the wrong way. All of a sudden I knew I had to make a leap of faith — literally. I turned and I dove into the water, using my Shadow magic to flash forward through the murk to the shining place of the city. I saw a light and swam toward it. Suddenly it got dark, but there was some air.

Well, that turned out to be a huge anglerfish that just ate me. At least there was some air trapped inside it. I got my breath and did battle! When I burst free, I found Cathol there! He was fighting for me from the outside. Together, we took a chance and went further into the cave and eventually found a place with air. And eventually further in past mushrooms and other floating barrels of blood brandy we found ground above water.

And also, ominous, occasional sounds like a drum beat. It made me shiver, but I stuck close to Cathol, noting his company was really pretty reassuring. I mean, I’m comfortable in the dark and everything, but I was feeling a little vulnerable. I think the stomach acid from the fish damaged my stuff.

Cathol went back and set a light for them to follow should they swim down.

I tried but failed to dress my wounds while we waited.

Hey wait. Why is this water not sea water??

Award: 1 Skill Point

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