Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

I haven’t seen Arria in over a day. After looking around town I learned she did head back to the manor yesterday, and that there was a suspicious man around. So, I caught Marjie and we did some tracking!

We found a place that looked like an attack occurred and Marjie went back to get Cathol and Val. After locating a place of struggle we recovered the adamantine dagger I gave Arria. Now I was sure she’d been kidnapped and likely going to be made a slave. I simmered and urged everyone to hurry because this guy had a day’s head start on us.

We followed them into the great way, the dwarven tunnel and kept going for a long time. I didn’t want to stop, but exhaustion took over.

Eventually we found her, apparently abandoned. Her captor was Trevem, master of thieves in Terandun. He remains at large and we don’t know why he took Arria. She says he thinks she worked for him, but that it was untrue. She also said he could see the future and had magic. Now I am concerned.

Val and Cathol went ahead to the far end of the tunnel to speak with the guards there that were waiting for someone of his and Arria’s description. There was no sign of him. We finally went home and Arria recovered, telling us about this guy and how surprised she was to see him. She never expected him to come looking for her.

Later things settled down and I got a good night’s rest. The next morning, the dwarf deputy asked for some help at the Gooseman farm, where they were having trouble with geese disappearing. It appears something underground swiped them!

After locating his missing daughter (she wandered into the woods a bit and narrowly avoided becoming food for wolves), we returned to town wondering how to get underground. Andermath overheard and told us of an opening in the Eye of the Stone Maiden…


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