Session Seven

We limp into Argos C to make repairs.  As we approach the airlock, we are asked if this is business or R&R.  When I say R&R, we are given suggestions for what we might be interested in doing.    The suggestions are disturbing, with them having known exactly what we did the last time we were here.

At the suggestion of the Overseer, I head to the urgent care center to get the “Red Lantern Treatment.”  I’m somewhat insulted by this, and once I figure out what it is, Archon and I leave for our shopping trip.  She needs some work clothes that are less obviously official, considering the nature of our work.

Our trip is interrupted when the space station shudders, and Commander O’Brien asks me if my team can investigate something that happened in the engineering section of the station.  I message everyone to meet me at the airlock to the Archon.

We get to the engineering section, where the explosion was, and we find a piece of Federation ship embedded in the floor.  It crashed in from the outside.  Nola realizes it’s an unexploded torpedo head, and she whispers that we need to back up slowly.  She says it’s a weird design, and it looks like it has extra armor on it like it’s for long distance travel or penetration.  Camo and Nola stay to investigate further, while the rest of us go back to the other side of the bulkhead door.  Nola diffuses the warhead, and Commander O’Brien sends weapons engineers down to retrieve the warhead.  The hole made by it goes outward, which means the torpedo did not come from outside.  It looks like it skittered across the floor from the source of the explosion.  There was at least one engineer here at the time, and the torpedo looks like it came from a tool chest on the other side of engineering.

Nola looks at the video footage, and four hours ago there were two humans that brought it in.  One was male, and one was female.  They had Sendai corporation logos on their overalls.  Camo notices that the female seems to know what’s in the crate.  I hack into the Sendai employee database, and find out they do both work for Sendai.  The female lives in the higher class residential area, and the male lives in the lower class area.  We head to the upper class residential area and crack in to see that she entered that room 20 minutes ago (but didn’t leave).  Overseer pops up and says that there is two hours of air left, and warns the station to put their affairs in order.  I tell Nola to get the Commandos to meet her there to fix it.

Amanda Celeste is the name of the woman, and we get to her locked door.  I hack it open, and it gets stuck unlocked.  We open the door, guns drawn.  Gunny goes first and notices a trip wire.  Another trip wire goes off and almost hurts us.  We find a detonated briefcase in the bedroom, under the bed.  It appears that she works for the Federation, and is trying to slow down the Confederacy, technologically.

She was last seen going through an air lock attached to the hotel.  She’s on an unregistered ship, and Commander O’Brien dispatches four fighters to make sure the ship doesn’t leave.  The commandos and our whole group meets up at the air lock, to retrieve Amanda Celeste from the ship she is on.  We enter the hallway outside of the airlock, and are ambushed by a bunch of military bots.  We destroy them and go down the air lock to the ship.  I send a message ordering them to turn over the operative known as Amanda Celeste.  The pilot messages back and starts to say something, but she kills him on screen.  We head in to attack her, and she takes out half of our marines.  After Camo eats off one of her legs, she ends up surrendering.  We take her into custody and take her to Commander O’Brien.

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