Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

This morning, after the thing with the night elf captain, Val brought up the explosions last night and that the Sheriff gave him a directive to check it out. We all volunteered to go with him, but he refused to let Aria go with.

After checking out what turned out to be a huge, 50 meter wide by 2 mile long crater, we determined the dwarf was very thorough in collapsing the entrance and a good length of tunnel.

Upon returning, we went to the sheriff to report. I also requested to consider “community service” for the night elf pirate. He said he’d consider it as an alternative to execution. I also asked about setting up Aria as a deputy, too, because she watches my back. He said he’d think about it. I don’t really understand the resistance to her doing this for me. Ah well.

I went back to the inn with Cathol and saw Val come down with that dwarf that had destroyed the tunnel. They seemed kinda like buddies. How interesting!

I gave Margie a bath and she helped me practice a little love-making between women. It was a very pleasant experience, but it really got us revved up! So when we went back, Margie hooked up with Tyr the Hunter and they appear to have got on very well! And as I was contemplating just how I might engineer an entertainingly diverting three way with Cathol and Val, that dashing Lord Relindil showed up complete with an armed guard in shining armor!

Needless to say I was more than happy to show him around town the next day. I didn’t wait very long, though, to ask if he was really here on business or not. He said officially he was, but what I wanted to know was if he would like it if I took a little time off. He said he would!

After going to the manor for a bit of downtime before what I hoped would be an entertaining evening, I noticed a bit of an uproar. Apparently, Aria is missing! I haven’t seen her since before we left to investigate that dwarf’s trouble-making that morning.


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