Session Six

Our first course of action is to check out the scavenger camp, which is about 20 clicks away.  We get there, and it looks like it’s made up of big piles of junk.  I talk our way in and we find out at the tavern that there were some guys that came in a few days ago, and they are holed up at “the shipyard.”  We head there, and see some guys lounging around.  There’s a giant dog man who isn’t very interested in trading with us, so we attack.  Towards the end of our fight, a strange ship shows up and attacks the towers.  We use this to our advantage and get out, after recovering the artifact.

We get back to The Archon, and we need to get to our rendezvous without encountering the Federation ship.  We realize that the safest way out would be to destroy the Federation ship.  The buoys left behind are too numerous for us to avoid them undetected.  The ship causes some pretty bad damage against Archon, which Nola works on while we limp away after destroying the ship.  We destroy the life pods that took off, to make sure there are no witnesses.  Nola takes a couple of days to fix things up to where we can go hyper light speed again.

I hand over the artifact to the Captain, and he instructs us to go back to our last base for repairs.  He will send me our next orders.  I head back to the ship to share the news.  We can have some R&R while the repairs are being made.

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