Fina’s Notes

In her own words.

With the victory over the night elf pirate, the town has begun to return to normal. The sheriff is free of that nasty slave collar, and I am the only courtesan to have had a dragon lord as a client! I think I might have gained quite a lot of respect in Amara’s eyes by staying behind and helping against the pirates by hiding the town and hiring the dragon lord to begin with.

She agreed with me, of course. They were well worth a couple hundred gold hawks. All lives were saved, except the for the pirates own lives and those of the captive they brought to feed into their awful soul-fire cannon.

Hopefully she will not be back.

I think my little agreement with Aria is already bearing fruit. She really does seem to have my back. It allows me a feeling of… perhaps a bit more freedom to do what I believe needs to be done. People need to smile, they deserve also a little mystery in life. And a little romance.

We had a mysterious visitor, Avonian, dressed in light armor and cloak. He saw Lady Blackwell. Very mysterious! From the little I saw of his features, he could be either Avonian or elf. Or maybe both.

As an aside I’ve been thinking about Valerian. I wonder if he is really serious about the young lady from Vergras. She’s his type, and I confess that makes me a little jealous. It’s tempting to see if I could capture his attention, too. I think it might be very challenging because he seems to have built some walls when it comes to me. I’m not sure.

Anyway, I chose to head down to inn to see if Mr. Mysterious’ henchmen might be a little more loose-lipped than he.

Yes, Humphrey said I could just ask Lady Blackwell and she would likely tell me what it was about, but honestly where is the fun in that? And, I might learn something new I might not have otherwise.

I did learn quite a bit about recent news. Vargras has abolished slavery — before the Queen had. So there might be unrest there. The north has trouble with borders.

A dwarf wandered into town. Well, wander is not the right word. He purposely came here to seek the remains of the deceased dwarf. When he headed north of town that night, I met him there to offer him help and information. Although he accepted a little bit of information, he didn’t want help. Well, who am I to stand in his way? I did test the waters to see if my friends might look in on how he was doing, especially after the explosions began. But, sigh, no bites. They were too interested in drinking tonight. And honestly, I can’t blame them. They have had some stressful adventures lately with the pirates and all.

Eventually both Aria and I returned to the manor. Val thought me terribly manipulative. Well, maybe a little. But I honestly don’t want them to do anything they don’t want to do. So I retired to give him some peace.

The next morning my favorite pirate showed up. And for a gift, he handed over the night elf pirate that had plagued us before. A peace offering? Well, I like it. I hope the town does as well.



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