Fourth Session

Our next destination is Star Base Argos C, where we will restock, repair, and await more crew.  It’s time for some R&R.  This system is a joint operation between the Sendai corporation and the Core of the Confederacy.  The base was originally contracted to be built, but they lost support and Sendai stepped in.  The end result was a star base used for trade and military, alike.  The military provides the only security.

Archon requested a biochemical feedback chip.  I said I’d look into it.  Nola requested a bunch of parts for the ship, and I told her to make a list and try to get all of it, within budget.  Then I headed off to my hotel, called The Autumn Moon.

Shoot, Camo figured out who Archon was in relation to me.  After going with me to purchase all of the equipment on Nola’s list, I explain to Camo that I would like some privacy to go in search of R&R.  Whew, that was awkward. Too good to be true, in the middle of some rec time, the phone rang.  Some goons had Archon in sector B3.

The goons get her onto their ship and take off, and we run back to ours to try to pilot it without her.  We beat them into submission, and they surrender.  We get Archon back, and now I have some talking to do, to the commander of the base.

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