Fifth Session

I go to the commander of the base, and she relays a message from the Admiral.  My existing marines are being transferred for some R&R, and then reassignment.  Archon is being remanded to the commander, to check out whether or not she’s got something wrong with her.  The ship will also be inspected, to make sure there is nothing that could have caused a problem with Archon.  I will have further instructions, once the Admiral arrives.  Well, crap.  Could this day get any worse?  Dare I ask that question, when I know it can?

After Archon is transferred to the base and I relay what’s going to happen, I buy the crew drinks.  Camo suggests that I get some R&R myself, so I head back to the casino.  Oops, lady looked like a dude.  Oh well, it was fun, and what happens on Argos Station, hopefully stays on Argos Station.

Archon comes back, completely changed.  Even her voice is different, but she seems to still be Archon deep-down.  Commander O’Neil assures me that her personality is still there, but the problem was that Archon was assigned to me as similar as she was.  Hopefully the change in appearance and voice will help to lessen the difficulties in adjusting.

I get back to the ship and there is a message from Admiral Boone, requesting that I meet with him this evening on his ship, The Intrepid.  He would also like me to bring my new medical officer, so that the Admiral has a chance to meet my new crew.  He is assigning commandos, which are a bit more specialized for my kinds of missions.   Admiral Boone will be giving my orders, through his Captain, so as to keep me shielded from political issues with the Council.  Camo will be giving military credentials and compensation.  When my orders are ready for my next mission, Captain Vaako will hand them off to me.

My troops arrive, and I have 20 commandos.  There is a lieutenant and a sergeant, along with the rest of them.  I get a message from Captain Vaako, requesting to get together to drinks, to get acquainted.  He brings out a data pad.  There is a desert planet called Manticore 5.  We will need to get there swiftly, avoid Federation Ships and Pirates, and get an ancient artifact without getting caught.  The Captain will be waiting.  There is a Frigate class ship patrolling the area, so if we are detected we will need to eliminate it before the Federation is alerted.

We avoid the frigate on the way in, and assemble our away team. We get past some potential traps, and end up looking at an empty altar with footprints going to / coming from it.  Obviously the scavengers have been here already.  We discern that the artifact could have been either a repository of some kind or a weapon.

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