Fina’s Notes

I managed to hire Hernan and Vay to come to the defense of the Manor after they finish seeing the town folk to safety. The cost was 100 gold hawks each! Not bad. I think we can afford this so I made the deal.

I let Amara know and she commended my bravery but asked that I be careful.

Next I went to the inn to set up a triage center. (Got a scene aspect “Fully Ready Triage Center” with 2 free invokes.) After that, I prepared a ritual to hide the town in mist, should we be attacked. The sheriff asked me to hold off on casting it for now, which is fine.

Aria stayed behind! Very brave, she donned knives and helped me prepare the ritual.

Then the pirate captain, a night elf woman, met with us and managed to slap a pretty silver collar around the sheriff. When she ordered him to go to the boat he pretty much looked like he was going to but Val caught him. The townfolk wiped out the pirate’s rowers, but of course she had already disappeared.

I got my spell going to protect the town, and then Vay and Hernan arrived and devastated the ships with lightning blasts. It seems Hernan and Vay were an excellent investment! I invited them to stay in at the manor for the night and I would retrieve their pay for them. And he received a hundred gold hawk rebate for a night with me. I felt he earned it and he did promise not to tell Lady Blackwell.

That next morning the townfolk arrived and moved home. Lady Blackwell was pleased our investment panned out so well, but greatly disturbed to learn what happened to our Sheriff. I went to see that everyone got moved back into the manor again and safely. Hernan and Vay left, winging away with a promise to tell their cohorts about the hospitality of our little town.

I did try to help the Sheriff. He needed to follow his orders from the pirate captain, but some use of illusions managed to satisfy that well enough. Then after I got him back into town I ran into old Master Andermath, the wizard. After telling him about the collar, he agreed to take a look.

He quickly found the solution! A dwarven ring was the key to open the collar. Just like that, the sheriff was restored!


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