Fina’s Notes

I suffered from an awful hangover due to that disgusting ale I drank last night. I swear I will not drink ale to such excess again!

I spoke with Lady Amara about my mother (Tonica), and learned she had come from the Princeweald. Further, she offered that we might visit the Princeweald. I was delighted, of course, because it is a chance to learn a little about my own people.

After that I went to the Mithril Nail, the inn, in order to settle my grumbling stomach and aching head.

We had a caravan come in about then, too. I believe Amara mentioned that customers were to arrive! Things had been quiet since the festival, so it’s good to see some business come into town again.

The thing with Abigail and Donnie came up and gods forgive me I just could not keep my mouth shut. So, that was a messy thing that ended in tears at Margie’s folks place. ‘Nuff said about that.

Jewelers came in with the caravan, and I found a couple pieces of jewelry that are perfect! He worked with me on the price, too.

Then a handsome half elf named Hernan and his companion, Vay, arrived in town. Vay is a reserved person but I liked her a lot. She was quiet but laughed at my attempt at humor. Hernan was so interested in my “tour” of the town that ended at the manor, but could not afford me. Well, something to save for.

On the way to bring Hernan back to the inn, we noticed three flight-capable pirate ships. When they began attacking the legion tower with massive magic, the sheriff ordered the town evacuated.

That was when Hernan offered his services — and Vay turned into a blue dragon!

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