Second Session

Archon goes to get reinforcements and comes back with 4 teams of 5, including flamers.  We split up to investigate the town after securing the hangar bay.

One team gets attacked, and another team arrives to attack.  There is a trail of tentacles that look like they are made out of dust particles.  The squad that was attacked is all dead.

Our team enters the medical building.  We find a medical officer that hasn’t been dead too long.  He was making an entry in a log.  His entry indicates that there were attacks last night, and talk about some kind of moving darkness.  He thinks that people were assaulted by some kind of nano tech weapon.  He suspected the weaponized nanites were simultaneously attacking and drawing materials to continue functioning.

Our engineer (she is really squeamish…maybe we need to work on that?) finds the names of several archaeologists who were in charge of the expedition.  We now know who they are, and can hopefully look for more information from their own records.  Dr. Metzer was the head archaeologist, and his lab was in The Pit.

I let the other teams know where we are headed, and they are going to rendezvous with us at The Pit.  We get to the main building, which is intact.  The door is slightly ajar, and we slip in.  There is no power here, for some reason.

There was some sort of power surge before, and that is what seems to have killed the power.  Our engineer was able to bring things back up to start looking for information.  Evidently the archaeologists were close to an important discovery, but then the logs stopped.  Also of note:  there are no bodies in here, and nothing has been damaged.  They had trackers on them, which indicate they are all down below, in the pit.  (cue the creepy music)

I break into the security feeds for down below, and as I look at it more, I realize the tunnels aren’t naturally created.  The area at the bottom of the lift shows two bodies slumped down.  There are several more bodies in other chambers.  One chamber looks like it has a crumbled rock wall, with a big, glowing, blue screen there.  There’s nothing alive down there that we can see on camera.

There’s something like a podium in the blue screen chamber.  It looks like it’s made out of stone, though.

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