Fina’s Notes

In Fina’s own words…

I let Lady Blackwell know the good news! We decided to let Amara tell the mayor though. Probably… safer that way. I also let Margie know some of the details, but that was before Amara and I talked. I keep my mouth shut except for general info to the others.

After waking Margie we went for breakfast down at the inn. That included Cathal, too. I noticed Arria was there getting a little etiquette training. She seems to be taking to it pretty well. Proud of that one!

When the dock bell sounded, we all rushed out to see who it was. Nope, it wasn’t pirates. It was in fact an Avonian airship. A lady client arrived, and her guards came to the inn, where I managed to get some of the latest news from the empire. It seems all is, overall, pretty good with the exception of some vampire undead-ness going on in the northeast.

I got bored and went to take care of the shrine, when another airship arrived and a number of Avonian men arrived. Apparently, they came and retrieved some poor woman that had been left in a box during the festival up in one of the rooms at the inn.

More interestingly, I saw Abigail, the innkeeper’s daughter whoring herself to one of the guards recently arrived. Oh dear. Margie’s brother is engaged to her and she is not faithful. Hm. I got creative and asked Abigail what she might advise if someone else was in such a situation. She is a bit clueless as well as a whore. Not that being a whore is bad, it’s just not a profession that lends itself well to marriage. Or engagements.

I got Donnie, Margie’s bro, to the inn to talk to Abigail about it, but… uch. The wench fainted. And stayed that way for hours. I think she was waiting for someone else to tell him. I’m not telling him.

Anyway, I then got drunk and things go fuzzy. I think I walked home with Arria…


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