Relindil, Lunar Elf Noble

Lord Relindil

Role in Story (Shopping Trip): Personally interested in Fina, Relindil had to balance his attraction to her against her profession. Now, he’s had time to think about it and may be interested to see what possibilities the future might hold if he saw her again.

Occupation: Dilettante noble.

Physical Description: Young for a lunar elf at 50 years, and quite handsome. He’s an enchanter and therefore favors clothing, but when traveling will wear light, rather ornate leather armor. As a noble, he’s had sufficient training with a blade to defend himself in any duel.

Personality: Noble and intense when something has his attention, clearly bored when forced to endure things in which he has no interest.

Habits/Mannerisms: His favorite thing in the world is to create. As an enchanter, he loves to craft items and enchant them with magic. He has little time for would-be suitors that only feign interest in his life’s work. His second favorite hobby is travel. Still, neither of these things seem to matter to him when he was presented with the mystery wrapped in shades of summer that is Fina.

Background: Bored with his life as the eldest son of a powerful lunar elf noble of the Princeweald forest, Relindil travels as an escape. That does not relieve him of family obligations, however, and wherever he goes he must accept invitations for dinners, parties and other events on behalf of his family. Relindil may be the son of a elfish lord, prince, or even the lunar elf king, as befits a story involving him.

Internal Conflicts: His values are challenged when he meets Fina. When Fina demonstrates a charisma and poise that shatters a perception he’d been taught that prostitutes were pitiable creatures that lacked dignity and a sense of self worth.

External Conflicts: Having decided to see Fina again, Relindil realizes there are tall obstacles that might prevent any hope of courting a courtesan. One of the greatest obstacles he may face is unexpected to Relindil — he would not conceive of the idea that Fina might be happy with her life as it is as a courtesan.


The FATE character sheet is here.

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