Fina’s Notes: The Pirate and the Dwarf

Fina’s own words

So I’ve never met a pirate before. Imagine! A human captain of a vessel manned by hobgoblins! This Captain Harless must be very brave and quite ruthless, too. I’m sure he sees our little town far from Avonia as a good place to resupply and offload some of his possibly ill-gotten goods.

Knowing he must have robbed others to amass his wealth, I believe the Mayor and Sheriff will be very resistant to the idea of trading with Captain Harless. I just hope they understand the alternative will likely lead to a fight. We have no idea the full strength of numbers this pirate might command, but surely any number is bad news for a village that has but one Sheriff and a couple of deputies to defend it. While there is the legion outpost, they are few and not well positioned to protect the town from an attack from the sea.

If we do not deal with the pirate, I think they might easily overtake the town. I think perhaps Harless would rather not devote the resources necessary to have to hold the town and make sure it remained a safe port for him. It makes sense that he would want an affable relationship with us. Further, if he did feel he had to conquer us, I fear for the townsfolk. Pirates are not known for their kindness. Business would not be the same for the village, nor for Blackwell Manor. In fact, I rather think the fate of Blackwell’s courtesans might be very dark indeed.

I’m resolved, therefore, to make certain the Mayor and the Sheriff understand the consequences should they choose to decline Captain Harless’s offer! He has allowed us a couple of days to consider but will be expecting the Mayor’s decision soon.

In the mean time, there is simply no rest for the wicked. Or my friends and I, it seems. Val found the dwarf some of us did business with not long ago. He was dead, his arm torn from his very shoulder, not far from the place where we’d found ancient weapons and armor made of adamantine. We went inside, to try to find this menace that so overwhelmed and ultimately killed the dwarf. I found myself crawling through the muck and dirt after my friends and really wondering if they cared at all they were making me ruin yet another dress. These things don’t grow on trees you know! Now it’s all torn and stained with that dwarf’s blood, and muddy. I won’t be attracting business for Blackwell this way.

But I have to admit, it is a very interesting adventure! After crawling about for just a little while, we found a larger chamber where we could stand upright. There is this big, steel door covered in runes and permeated with magic. There was a passageway filled in with dirt, where we think the dwarf had been assaulted. But we also found a circular staircase leading down. Unfortunately, down led to a flooded chamber where someone had set up a pair of glowing eyes that triggered when you walked on one of the steps. I hope they are not expecting me to also swim through that murky, fetid water! Who knows if it even leads anywhere? Besides, there is a creature running about somewhere down here that rips the arms off people. I’d rather not encounter it in the water.

Well, it looks like the others are ready to make some decisions, so I best put away this journal for now.

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