The Force Guides Those Who Know to Listen

On the shuttle ride back to the capital ship Kiltorsssk contemplated his current situation. It had proved to be a fateful day. Kiltorsssk had revealed himself as a Jedi while attempting to protect his charge Quan Torindill from two Sith. When he attacked though, he did so simply out of his regard for the lives of all the individuals in his immediate vicinity. And while he was aware of certain others force sensitivity, he had no idea that a fellow trained force user was among his group. Thankfully he thought, that particular force user was both capable and more importantly perhaps, on his side against the Sith. The appearance of another Jedi (or at least trained force user) was curious but not altogether unexpected.

Still this mission had many questions and the encounter on the surface had only brought up more. Camille was obviously upset at the appearance of the Sith, that Kiltorsssk had been forced to reveal himself, and that Quan and others were there to witness the entire encounter unfold. The fact that she was even here was no coincidence he knew. She had placed herself here for a good reason and she knew more then what she stated. Of that much he was certain.

But who was the contact that Quan was going to meet with. Was the appearance of the Sith merely a chance encounter? Not likely. Who was this Veesani who led the Sith to him but who also thankfully had the ability to heal through the force?

He was fortunate he thought, to meet another follower of the light side of the force. There were so few of them left. Over the coming days, he would try his best to get to know this individual. After all the force had brought them both together and had it not been for Sarn, Kiltorsssk knew he may not have even survived the encounter.

He would also need to get to know the other individuals who had been present during the encounter. The force sensitive Twilek was more then a mere slave. Her ability to sense the force and the instinctively connect with Kiltorsssk in the moments before the encounter on the surface made him think twice about her.

And Veesani, he very much wanted to get to know. He had saved her out of instinct, and she had returned the favor in healing him. Now that she was forced away from her homeworld, Kiltorsssk felt a certain connection with her. He too was essentially forced from his homeworld because he was sensitive to the force. Like Veesani, leaving had probably saved his live.

His thoughts turned then to the pilot of his current shuttle Tryule. What are the odds he thought? Of all the ships in the galaxy he would find himself on a vessel piloted by a man he had travelled with some years ago – a man that like him had also encountered Camille some months prior to this particular journey. His experience with Camille it had seemed was entirely different, but it raised questions none the less.

And finally a painful thought entered his mind. Now that he had revealed himself, there were limited options to fade away again. His mission was not yet complete, which meant he couldn’t simply leave his charge. He was the only Wookie he had even seen on the cruise ship. If someone were to turn him in as a Jedi… There were limited options, and he did not like the thought. His revealing himself may in fact have done more harm then good. No – he mustn’t think like that. He shook his head and calmed his emotions.

He recalled his Jedi lessons. “There is no emotion, there is peace.” The first line of the Jedi code – he understood exceedingly. It was not his master that sent him here. It was not the actions of Camille or any other individual that brought him to this place at this time. It was simply the force. And as he had done his entire life, he would follow where it led. He revealed himself because it was necessary to preserve life. He would make the same choice again if circumstances were the same. It made no sense to question the past. He must instead focus on the present.

When they had arrived back on the cruise ship, Kiltorsssk was resolved. He was prepared for the challenges that awaited him. His fate, whatever it was, was not his alone. It was the will of the force. And like all his powerful Wookie ancestors before him Kiltorsssk would meet the days challenges head on.

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