Imperial Profile: Quan Taurendill

IP: Quan Taurendill

Imperial Profile AZ-13, Subject: Quan Taurendill

Imperial Date: 130 ABY.

Submitted by Ardana Zian [KE], Knight of the Empire [KE] 

Attitude: Extrovert. Wants attention but cares only for superficial interactions. Deep feeling is not sought by the Subject, typically avoided or simply not acknowledged.


Perceiving functions appear limited to sensing. Hedonistic tendencies ignite this function and will cloud intuitive decision-making.

Thinking functions are also emphasized over feeling. Subject avoids any empathic, seemingly incapable. Use of slaves is an example of lack of empathic function. 

Overall, the Subject appears to be primarily driven by perceiving function over all other functions, but a fair margin. As a hedonist, the Subject is most concerned about satisfying himself before others. This may, of course, be a cover, as he most certainly is an agent of a third party. However, the Profiler has witnessed numerous occasions where the Subject has unnecessarily indulged his vices beyond what is necessary to keep his cover. Therefore, whatever the Subject is, he is certainly an uncaring hedonist.


Personal Notes (unsubmitted)

This is the arrogant pig that thinks he owns my violet ass. As his slave, however, I am ignored when it comes to important matters. He speaks in front of me of important things and I absorb everything like a sponge. He serves a Sith Lord, I have discovered, a Bith. I don’t have his name for certain, but I suspect it could be Daras, as I overheard him mumbling something about Daras lying to him as to the amount of danger he would be in regarding the whole business aboard the Alderaan Star.

Hopefully, he will not survive all this. I find him despicable and must hide my instinctive cringe when he touches me. Although he’s not nearly as bad as he could be. He’s a hedonist but not a sadist. Some slave owners like to beat their slaves in order to feel stronger or to vent anger and frustration. Others like to mark their slaves with tattoos, scars or other mutilation. He could be much worse than simply a weak-willed, selfish glutton.

Still, I must keep him alive until I know where the rest of the material is and recover it all. This thing is too dangerous to be let into the galaxy. Emperor Fel will know what to do with it. Although this Sith Lord can certainly make more, I need to be sure I have the real thing, as much as possible, so his scientists can find a solution for it.

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