Imperial Profile: Ardana Zian

Imperial Profile TR-93, Subject: Ardana Zian

Imperial Date: 126 ABY. Latest Update: 130 ABY

Submitted by Tiernan Ro [KE/M], Knight of the Empire [KE], Class 2 Force Trainer [Master]

Personality Type: Extravert. Subject tends to act and react; inaction produces declining motivation. Sentry duties and similar duties that require extended period of inactivity are likely to result in far less than 100% of the Subject’s faculties applied to her task.

S/N and T/F

Subject’s Sensing functions are rated high, though Intuition appears to be used more often, making Intuition functions stronger for now. It is the opinion of this profile, however, proper training and practice will encourage more reliance on sensing reliable functions and less on intuition, which can be colored by experience and personal viewpoints. 

Thinking and feeling functions are rated as adequate. The Subject tends to resolve problems via an empathically-oriented point of view rather than with purely rational thought. As either function is rated equally for the purpose of this profile, the Subject’s tendency to use the latter function more frequently is judged useful.

Highest rated function: Intuition (N).

Loyalty Analysis. 

The Subject was identified as force sensitive on the remote world of Ryloth. A native Twi’lek, she was auctioned on 133rd day, 126 ABY. As part of a culture with a long tradition of selling their own people to Hutt Cartels (an institution established by the Hutts themselves centuries ago), the Subject expressed great resentment toward her situation and the family member that sold her. Acting on behalf of the Emperor, Tiernan Ro [KE/M] acquired the Subject for the sum of 15k credits based on intuition that the Subject would express deep loyalty to the one she believed to have freed her from a dubious future as a slave girl. 

Upon acquisition, the Subject was informed she was purchased on behalf of the Emperor and that his will was that she have a choice. She could choose freedom and be released to live her life any way she wished. Or she could accept service to the Emperor, be trained in the Force and become an Imperial Knight. If she accepted the offer, the Emperor expected nothing less that complete obedience to her training, her duty, and the Emperor. In either case, she would no longer be a slave.

The Profiler was pleased to note the Subject accepted the offer of training without hesitation and expressed a high level of gratitude.

Force Aptitude

Subtle and nearly undetectable, the Subject’s talent in the Force seemed weak until her emotional state activated high levels of telekinetic activity. It is the opinion of the Profiler that with training, her unique connection to the Force, being hard to detect, offers the Emperor new opportunities that had never before been available among the Knights of the Empire.

Addendum – 130 ABY

After four years of training of training and final rigorous tests, the Profiler is pleased to present the latest successful member of the Imperial Knights. As was foreseen, the Subject is destined to serve the Emperor as his first deep-cover Knight of the Empire. 

This Profiler, Tiernan Ro [KE/M] submits this report and related material be moved to Classified: SECRET, EMPEROR’S EYES ONLY in order to protect the identity of our first fully trained imperial knight deep cover operative.


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