Dark Waters

Kiltorsssk stormed up the ramp and proceeded directly to the cargo bay. He needed to work off some steam.

As he turned the corner he kicked the first cargo container he came in contact with. It was made of a hard plastic that crushed inward at the force of the impact and flew back several meters before crashing against the hull.

Vessani had stolen information from him; information he had expressly forbidden she know until such time as he felt safe in sharing it. He picked up a cargo container and hurled it across the bay. How could she have done such a thing? She had broken his trust and his friendship.

Of all those in his current party she was the one he had most associated with as a fellow light side force user and a fellow healer. She had saved his life once from the virus back in the cave, but then he had saved her life at least twice.

At their first encounter he had risked his own life revealing himself as a Jedi to fight off the Sith and protect her. Then only days later he had defended her against the Sith on the cruise vessel and carried her cocoon through the winding corridors and onto the Sith vessel before the cruise ship had been destroyed.

He had done those things out of respect and friendship. She had relied on him then and he felt protective of her as she was so young, inexperienced and helpless.

The very thought that she would turn on him and use her abilities in the force against him had not even entered his mind. The others of course he had to be careful around, but with Vessani he had felt a certain level of comfort. She was a kind of kindred spirit – but no more.

He didn’t have any true friends here. He had to remember that. He had to watch his back all the time – even among his comrades.

Kiltorsssk surveyed the damage he had unleashed as he was coming to terms with what had happened to him. The cargo hold was a mess. As he scanned the damage he quickly determined he hadn’t destroyed anything of importance. Without caring about the mess, Kiltorsssk turned and proceeded to his room on the upper level of the ship.

As he sat down he began to think about how Vessani intended to use his technique for healing on the ancient Jedi – or rather once Jedi in the camp. The ancient Jedi was tormented by a dark lord and seemed capable of containing his wrath; at least most of the time.

Though he was upset with Vessani, he did hope she would not give in and succumb to the easy icy grasp of the dark side. Its power was very enticing. Kiltorsssk had wanted to help the Jedi too, but he knew the time was not yet right. It seemed Vessani was not yet skilled enough with the force, or indeed with life’s lessons to know that.

As he thought about that he recalled what the ancient Jedi had said, that Ardana shared the same disease. What did she mean? She had said it where only moments before a dark lord had come forth from within her and turned nearly everyone to a ragnor (can’t recall name).

When Kiltorsssk had used his ability to heal Ardana he felt the power of the dark side flow within her.

His eyes widened with the thought. Kiltorsssk had noticed the look of terror on her face as he had begun to heal Ardana. He had seen lightning from her fingertips as she began to change. That was not Ardana, it could only have been a DARK LORD.

Kiltorsssk was on his feet now. He could not sit any longer as the pieces fell into place in his mind.

Ardana had been present near the cave. The same cave where a dark spirit whom they assumed to have been Darth Tenebris had taken over Quan and caused him to fight a hopeless battle which resulted in Quans own death. Could it be that the dark lord had moved to Ardana next? Had it been hiding within her all this time? She was on the ship at the time of the fight, but then it was Darth Tenebris’ own ship. Perhaps there was some connection there that drew him to her?

Why would Tenebris jump to Ardana rather then Sarn? Perhaps there was something Tenebris didn’t like about Sarn? That spoke volumes about Sarn in Kiltorsssk’s mind.

Kiltorsssk paced around his room thinking. No, maybe Tenebris saw the virus and chose an unexposed subject instead? But did he know about the virus at the time?

Kiltorsssk shook his head. In the end it supposed it didn’t really matter why the dark lord chose Ardana. What mattered was that Ardana had carried this spirit inside her for some time, and Kiltorsssk was quite certain she knew of his presence and was trying to hide it from everyone. Until today – she had done a good job of it.

So here he was standing on the former dark lords ship. His comrades with whom he had risked his life – Sarn a clone of some very powerful force users including Darth Vader, Darth Sideous, and Luke Skywalker, Ardana – imperial knight and current host of Darth Tenebris, and Vessani who had used the force to steal information from Kiltorsssk just hours ago, all had serious dark side traits. And where was their next stop? Only the supposed homeworld of the Sith – Korriban.

By Yoda’s green ass how had the waters turned so much darker around him.

He could only place his trust in the force and weather the storm. He hoped clear skies were ahead.

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