Cut Scene (from Session 1)

One day after the planetside trip to Munto Codru…

The light of the holographic image flickered to life casting a ghostly shade of blue in the dark room. The woman had been waiting half an hour for a response to her initial message sent from the communications room on the Alderaan Star. The image of a man dressed in an imperial navy outfit clarified and stood in front of her in miniature.

The communications panel came to life and an electronic voice of the man before her spoke. “Are you the one the ministry of purification contacted me about?”

The woman shifted her hips nervously. “Yes. I spoke to them about the Jedi.”

“You say that one of them is human and the other a wookie?”

“Yes, they killed two Sith lords yesterday on Munto Codru and are now aboard the Alderaan Star again and it is set to make the jump to Zeltron tomorrow. I have forwarded the coordinates of the ruins on Munto Codru where you can find the remains of the Sith to verify my claim.”

The blue figure looked down at something that was off screen. “Well we will be checking out those coordinates but in the meantime keep us informed of any changes in their status if it should change before your jump to hyperspace. I have appended my personal code to this message so that you may reach me directly. Do you understand?”

The woman relaxed a little. They believed her. And why wouldn’t they? Everything she told them was true and they were going to pay handsomely for this information. She would make sure of that. She nodded in understanding.

The man interrupted her thoughts. “One more thing. Why were the Sith there? Were they chasing the Jedi?”

“No, I don’t believe so”, she responded. “They were after some 6-legged dog. It could speak so it wasn’t just an animal but I do not readily know why they were chasing it.”

The figure was writing something down on a datapad and looked up at her. “Thank you for the information. If your information is reliable and the Jedi are captured as a result of this information then you will entitled to the reward money. We will keep in touch.”

With that the image flickered out and the room went dark again. She remained in the dark for a few moments. Two million credits would go a long way to changing her life.

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