Ardana Zian

Imperial Spy
Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑❑
Composure Stress: ❑❑❑❑❑❑❑
Fate: 3 ( 3 ) Size: 2

Fantastic (+6): Weapons
Superb (+5): Mysteries*, Telekinesis*
Great (+4): Deceit, Rapport, Resolve
Good (+3): Athletics, Empathy, Fists, Leadership
Fair (+2): Alertness, Burglary, Contacting, Force Illusions*, Investigation, Mind Trick*
Average (+1): Academics, Guns, Telepathy*, Pilot, Science, Starship Systems, Stealth

Occupation: An Imperial Knight and Spy
“These Are Not My True Emotions”
Twi’lek Force Sensitive
Student of the Force
My Favorite Location Is Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Force Is My Guide
A Disguise Artist Extraordinaire
Slipping In and Out Is What I Do Best

Solo Combo
Dual Blades: Gain a +1 damage bonus whenever a lightsaber attack successfully generates at least one shift. In addition, gain +1 to Defense against the Disarming Maneuver (see SBA p224).
‘It’ Girl: +2 to Rapport rolls involving seduction.
Deflection: The character can use his light saber to deflect energy weapons fire. Use Melee Weapons instead of Athletics to defend against. This can also be used to set up Block Actions (SBA 217) for the character or someone the character is protecting.
Lightsaber Throw: Range 1. If the saber lands in the same zone as you, return it to your hand as a free action on a successful Mysteries roll.
Area: The Force Power affects an entire zone, plus one additional zone per point of spin at the cost of one Fate point. The Force user can decide whether or not he will be affected by his own power, but he cannot otherwise choose who is affected and who is not. Targets must generally make Athletics rolls against the Force user’s attack in order to escape the area of effect.
Force Piloting: Use Mysteries in place of Piloting.
Subtle Power: +2 to roll meant to disguise your use of Force power.
Fly: Fly for a number of exchanges equal to shifts generated and in this time you use Athletics for maneuvers. Use on yourself or another. Difficulty depends on weight. Mediocre is up to 150 lbs, Average up to 200 lbs, and Fair up to 250 lbs.

Lightsaber, cross-guard Dmg bonus +5; Violet blade, Energy Weapon, Duelists Weapon, Blocking Weapon, Solari Crystal (Invoke vs. Blasters)
Lightsaber, short Dmg bonus +4; Energy Weapon, Close Combat Weapon
Vibrodagger Dmg bonus +2
Knife Dmg bonus +1, Range: Thrown; Close Combat Weapon
Imperial Knight Armor (Medium Armor) Bonus -2. Aspects: Phrik Alloy defends against lightsaber attacks. Ardana doesn’t wear this while under cover, obviously.
Force Amulet +2 to Force Skills, +3 for DS Force Skills. Skills marked with “*” gain this bonus.
Firestorm Barracuda class starship based on a highly upgraded Phoenix class starship.

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