Commander Jane Calhoun

Player Name Gina
Character Commander Jane Calhoun
Occupation Commander
Physical Stress ❑❑❑
Phys Stress Taken
Extra Physical Consequence?
Mental Stress ❑❑
Mental Stress Taken
Extra Mental Consequence?
Fate Refresh
Fate Points




Great (+4) Intrusion
Good (+3) Deceive, Investigate
Fair (+2) Shoot, Notice, Lore
Average (+1) Stealth, Physique, Empathy, Contacts


Aspect Note
High Concept Human Veteran Commander of the Confederation
Trouble Aspect Haunted by Archon
Aspect Tough nut to crack
Aspect Always manages to look good
 Aspect Hardened Confed Spec Ops Commander


Saved Skill Points
Saved Adventure Awards


Spent Awards Record
Stunt Description
Security Specialist You don’t have to be present to provide active opposition to someone trying to overcome security measures you put in place or worked on. (Normally, a character would roll against passive opposition for that.)
Attention to Detail You can use Investigate instead of Empathy in order to defend against attempts to use Deceive against you. What others discover through gut reactions and intuition, you learn through careful observation of microexpressions.
One Person, Many Faces Whenever you meet someone new, you can spend a fate point in order to declare that you’ve met that person before, but under a different name and identity. Create a situation aspect to represent your cover story, and you can use Deceive in place of Rapport whenever interacting with that person.


Equipment Description
Charm Bracelet +2 to rapport to create an advantage
Other Extras Description
Rapport +2 to Rapport
Credit 3

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