CPS Archon

CPS Archon

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑ / ❑❑❑
Mental Stress: ❑❑❑ / ❑❑❑

Refresh: 1 (1)
Credit: 1

Starship TSI. High Concept
No Memory Being Human Survives. Trouble
Doesn’t Remember Who She Was — But the Commander Does. Connection to Commander
Veteran Pilot of the Wars of Secession. Connection to Ryan’s character
Hidden Railgun Turrets, Missiles, and EMP Cannons. 

+4: Athletics
+3: Pilot, Systems
+2: Melee, Shoot, Will
+1: Empathy, Intrusion, Notice, Physique
Saved Skill pts: 2

Large Ride. 
Huge Ride. 
Extra Body. Archon is normally housed by the starship. He can optionally be uploaded to a synthetic body without incurring an Extreme consequences.
Fly. Your character has wings, jets, or psychic abilities that allow him to fly. Use Athletics to maneuver and for any movement using flight.
Stunt. Spent on personal vehicle.

Race: TSI
Bodiless (except when in his synthetic body)
Sense via Mindweb
Housed in a Quantum Computer
Reconfigurable Form

Other Extras
Archon Integrated Fighter. Aspect: “Advanced, Atmosphere-capable Fighter” Skills: Stealth Mode (Stealth +2). Stunt: Starship Weapons. The AIF is capable of supporting a small team.

Sonic Blaster (ranged). Cost: Fair.

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