Shawdaowgate Session 38 Mina & Bugs or Sammy

Shawdaowgate Session 38 July 7, 2012 ( I almost went its not Ghoul its Ghul)

I implanted the command that she would want me more and more until she got off work. I know I wanted her I don’t know what it was but I did. Maybe she put a spell in me, HA HA.

Nicolai stole a note from the men and Warren stole it back to be funny. It turned out to not be as funny. When I found out the address on the piece of paper belonged to me.  We think Mina was trying to protect someone perhaps herself or her family.  It wasn’t malicious it seemed to be fear.

She eventually said she would be able to get off at midnight. The security detachment was there and the limo was about to arrive. About 11:15, Morgan and Sara went to talk to Mina at the bar and then they all went to the bathroom after about 15 mintues I went to check on them and the women’s door was locked. About 11:45, Mina came out looking very shaken and her eyes were red. Morgan and Sara looked very pissed off. I went to Mina and tried to comfort her and she said she needed a drink.

They said something about pack business now and Warren said that if they needed any help to let him know.

It was almost time to go. Then it was midnight.

We went home and an pretty much went straight to the bedroom. She has green eyes and brown hair about 5’5” B cup.  We had fun and then I commanded her to tell me what was going on.  She told me about Bug who is kind of a geek, a hacker. She told me she was a wiccan and part of a coven when I asked if she danced sky-clad she went coy and said sometimes.  I offered to let her stay the night and and told her I would probably be gone when woke up in the morning. I also offered to help her and offered her a job at twice what she was making now. She said you don’t even know what I make now and I looked around and said I could afford it. She said it was nice to have a positive impact. I gave her a card so she could look the place over and decide. I started to fill the Jacuzzi and asked her if she wanted to join me while it was filling I called warren and told him what I learned and then got back to Mina. I like this girl. I really, really hope her last name isn’t Harker.

We were scoped out. But security called the police and they were driven off with no shots fired. We  have several license plate numbers but they are probably fake because they were all the same.

Bugs is a black hat known to break the difficult without breaking a sweat.  He has a lot of money somewhere.  He even hacked Fort Knox. On several watch and wanted lists.  We might be able to get him if Warren has enough of a connection to summon him.

The next night we discussed plans and decided to attempt summon Bugs. Logan and I went to feed. We went to Elizabeth’s old apartment to try the summoning and Warren said it didn’t work but he had a taste of him. We decided to stake out the bar and if none of the men were there we would summon them. I ordered a round for the house.  We were told that there were darts foos ball were downstairs. We went down to see if the men were there. I threw a few darts then I went back upstairs.

I saw Warren surrounded by the Pack talking to Bugs.  I took a table where I could watch the door and Warren. Eventually, it ended and Warren came over and told me what he learned. Zagrius’s name appeared and we have a potential place where he might be a houseboat called The Athena.  Warren told us that he has the ability to break supernatural holds. I warned everyone not to look Zagrious in the eye. We knocked on the boat and a voice with a Greek accent.   He was there in a chair legs us wearing loose baggy pants but no shirt. He had a fresh oiled glow.  Zagrius was willing to trade if we got him what he wanted he would have no further interest in this town. He wanted “A work of art, a ghul find her and save her without destroying her and hand her over to Zagrious. She is an eater of the dead.  Sahmi is a trigger word, use at own risk. She look like whatever the person looking at her finds the most pleasing.”

We did some research and found some things on Ghuls and found some Mortuaries, meat markets(clubs), cemeteries, animal shelters. Warren called his contacts in the police and they told him of a rash of break-ins thefts to morgues, and half eaten carcasses. They eat very little human food and are called by many names in many cultures: A ghul the demon, orge, magical being, Sami. We did find a connection to Muhamed apparently he had a friend named Samhi. We will keep working on it.

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