ShadowGate Session 43 – WAR or rescuing Cassy oops

ShadowGate Session 43 September 29, 2012

The Duke, Eric, Warren, and Payden disappeared through the wall. Once he was in safty the rest of us fought to the door and through it and then Noir let the sunshine and put a force field and front of the door and my sire and her family went pouf along with Amanda Burns and her most important followers. Caspian and Devon were rallying the troops we followed Dar and Karon to them and started fighting our way out.

We got about of the second ring as a fresh wave of troops came in and someone I didn’t recognize along with some I did, Rene was back.   As we were going out I heard the librarian defending his domain. It wasn’t pleasant but we got out.  Devon was carrying Kaspian and he was not looking well.   Jack and Robert were with us we don’t know what happened to Tom. We decided to go home.  But all our cells had been damaged in the battle. Noir’s phone still worked and I called Stephanie and arranged a pick-up in the van.

Warren and Stephanie got us and we all headed on home on the way, home We were talking about Kaspians needs. We took him to the club so Arcasia could take care of him. I told Warren that they could use one of the safe houses or bring him back to the mansion.

Sin and a woman from Shadow Gate, Brennen, were with the triage in the club. Ravas runs shadowgate. What happened tonight is contained for now but it attracted the attention of those it was wise not to attract.

Caspian reported to the Duke and we thossed around names of loyal and rebel and unknown, also reasons and power. The Duke made plans.  Then he sent everyone away and requested that Paydon come and answer some questions. She didn’t want too because she was hungry the Duke started to go up to her room and Logan told him that she was hungry and Warren should perhaps go first. The Duke asked if Logan did not properly train his child then called for Warren to come and go first. Then he told him that Payden was pregnant.  Logan and I  went to feed. I got lucky and was able to meet up with my herd. I was able to drink my fill and heal.

When we got up the next night we got the news that Cassy had been taken before we went out Nickoli cast a spell or cruac  that gave us armor  +3 for the night. We went to the club and it was a mess again.

Andrew Thorson matched the description of one of the attackers and we found him by cross checking the cars that left the garage around the time that Cassy was taken.

We got to the house and the rest went inside while I made it so the car wouldn’t run.  Just as  I got in I saw one of the boys running up the stairs. I followed and saw Warren, and Nickoli standing over Logan’s body. Our wolf was fighting something that looked like a giant lizard.

I think it was Fang and the Lizard crashed out the window and battled on, another went out the other window and the wounded one on the floor stabilized. We went after the other one so none would get away, Fang won his battle and We won ours.  Fang killed his but we had 2 prisoners.  Cassy was dead and miraculously Logan survived.     10 exp awarded.

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