ShadowGate Session 42 – Payden is SICK?!? or You are my Sunshine.

ShadowGate Session 42 September 15, 2012

Warrren listened to her tummy. He had to try and shush her and us several times before he scrambled back saying  that it was a miracle and that is pregnant.  There was a small uproar that was quickly quieted and then I said I could arrange an ultra sound and Nic was talking to a sister Ellya, who is leader of the circle of the crone.

Warren and I went to feed and Payden and then they rest went to the zoo to help Nickoli with some ritual he was working on.

Eric was in the underground. He looked like he was in his cups and seemed upset and more than a little drunk. I called Warren and Payden.  Payden  said she was busy but Warren said he was on the way. He took care of Eric and I went to Elyssium to find out what was going on. I found out nothing so I went to Eric’s Club. We got there and found Noir sitting in Eric’s spot. Payden decided to find out why. He said Eric didn’t show up so he was sitting in for him.  He asked if we knew where Eric was and I countered with where are Karon or Dar.  I went to the bar looking around and asked for either. When I turned back around there was Dar. I told he where Eric was and he gathered a posse and when headed out.

On the way I got a call from Warren, he said there was trouble. He called back and said not to go but, but I wasn’t driving and they were determined to get to the bruha.  We stopped a little bit away and Caron picked me up and carried me the battle then told me to take care of the crowd. How I was supposed to do that I have no idea and but I guess one at a time. Noir started to help and he could do groups.

The hounds rounded up, people we diddelled with their memory’s, one kid kept saying that wolverine was there and had carried him and his mom to safty. I let him keep his memory.  When we were about done Noir got a message and we ran to the club. Warren had offered it as a triage for the wounded.

He demanded a room and we all went into one.  A portal opened up to Elyssium and all hell was breaking loose. Warren charged through and I followed. The rest were on my heels. Noir didn’t let Paulo go he had a lot of ag from the first fight and Nick was wounded as well so they stayed behind to heal. I must say when Nic fights he really throws himself into it.

We were told to get to the Duke and if we saw Amanda it was open season. I saw Amanda and Camilla and a group of kindred and ghouls attacking the Duke. My whole family was there. We fought got a bit messed up then Eric broke through the lines and got the Duke out. Paydon grabbed Warren, Eric, and the Duke and they disappeared. Noir  blasted the others back and we got out as Logan left the door he looked a Noir and said burn them. There was a bright flash and a small sum appeared. Noir places a force field on the door. We watched them burn and then realized that it was a sun and it hurt.

Amanda Burns and her cronies were defeated. Daniell Ryan herald and , Razul Gregory ,Bishop  Rice Price 6 of the 15 hounds. Were sent to findal death. They imported some muscle and we don’t think that muscle will leave peacefully. Bita prussa, primogen ordo drcaul, (Davis Ash Sister ellia Marus Kent remained loyual )        10 exp

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