ShadowGate Session 41 – Alas Poor Thandus or Payden is Sick?

ShadowGate Session 41 August 18, 2012

Warren tried to trying to contact Sonya but her phone was disconnected. He tried calling the number Alex  called from but it was obviously not her phone from the answering machine message. I am not sure if she moved and didn’t tell him, isn’t accepting his calls, or lost her phones.

Nick talked to Max about learning to sculpt.

I went to court to see if there were repercussions about last night. I heard a few whispers but then I got the call that something massive was going down at the club.

I sent texts to the coterie, saying possible masquerade breach may need help, When I got there I saw four wolves in battle form. One was fighting the other and the other 2 were fighting Paulo of all people and Logan.  I saw some black tentacles growing from the floor. A saber tooth was being chased by the last were-wolf and  I yelled to take him through the tentacles.  It was caught and subdued. The mortals were programed and released the one that got his leg broken was taken away and then to the hospital.

We went downstairs and tried to get what happened sorted out. Warren said your sire is here, right before I entered the room and so I stopped in the hall and let everyone else in first.  It was almost as bad down here as it was upstairs. The ones that frenzied were tied and hooded. A kindred in one of the back rooms died, we think by his ghouls. They went out and got attacked by some young vampires and killed. This started a frenzy from some of the others and eventually 5 were involved.  We didn’t find any clues downstairs so we went back upstairs now that it was cleared out to see if we could find clues there as to why that fight started. A vampire named Thandus was missing and we believe that he picked up 2 girls and they killed him.

There were fights in 5 clubs that night all at the same time other places violence broke out but they weren’t big enough to rate the news with all the club violence.

I notified Warren and the Duke about my findings. I found several more dots to connect but I don’t see where they lead, other fights and violence, at the same time just not at the same scale. I wonder if it is some sort of rage spirit I will have to ask Payden.

Paden is sick. Which is impossible for a kindred, yet it is a fact. Fang seems to know something but he is not talking.  I think she should be ultra-sounded.

(Logan ghouled the rest of Cassies band)

10 exp

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