ShadowGate Session 40 – 20 Years Later or Warren Calls for Backup

ShadowGate Session 40 August 4, 2012

(Twenty Year rolled off) 2032

Cliff notes:  Stronger in composure, working on charity for kids affected by occult, kindred politics, Ally in Sinder,and I have also gotten a psychiatrist license.

I helped with Logan’s school, well, Cassy’s school that Logan gave her.

I have noticed that Max hates Cassy but Cassy has been bending over backwards to try and win her over.

Cassy is trying to become a better companion for Logan.  I told Logan that Max hates Cassie and why. I think its going to end in tears but I hope I am wrong.

A “Gas Main Explosion” killed mayor and police commissioner. New Mayor Dorin Cromwell and John Snoudgrass is the new commissioner. I am not sure who caused that but I don’t think it was an accident.

Paper Headline.. today Scandal City counselor having affair with college student taken in back rooms of club trinity. The byline is Martin Kore. I of course went ballistic. Someone had penetrated out security and taken pictures. None of the others seem concerned or to understand my concern. I of course beefed up security.

Lanceous Sanctum  is putting pressure on Circle of the Crone because of our coterie, involvement on curtailing their activity. I guess a many of our number are circle but I never really thought about it before still it doesn’t seem fair but from what I understand the circle likes a challenge that make them stronger.

I got a call from Warren that he needed help and to meet him. I called the chopper and Nick and I left to go to the aid of our Coterie member and friend.

We saw a lot of small flashing lights then one of the lights streaked for us, and the pilot said that he was getting out of here and the chopper took a rocket and went done. Nick bailed out turned into a bat.  Who are these guys. Who carries around rocket launchers. I was thinking this as the copter plummeted to the ground and hoping it wouldn’t explode. I rode the chopper to the ground and as you can tell it didn’t turn into a fiery inferno until after I got away.  I headed for where the firing was coming from. Rose waved me off and I headed to where she pointed that Warren was. I caught up as he found the 5 men attacking Alex, Warren’s Childer. We took them out and Warren took damage.  Alex went to the hut they were keeping Sonia and we took out 5 more. I have to stop here and say that Nic was amazing he rushed in and used himself as a meat shield so Warren and I could get close.  Warren and I were starving as we faced the last 2 and attacked them with the idea to eat them. Mine threw me off but Warran was able to start feeding. I couldn’t hold mine so I cut him down and started to feed, until I was not in danger of attacking, random people.  Apparently, they were lancius sanctum. (Warran called in an army to hold off the ghouls, the Drug Lords that he has been cultivating for 20 years. ) He also has been ghouling some of his girls and delegating his detective business to them.

Everyone got home Sonya went to her place with Alex to check on James.

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