ShadowGate Session 37 Zagrias or Things that go boom in the night

ShadowGate Session 37 Saturday June 23, 2012, 2012

The duke called us and wanted us to find someone and ask them to leave the city. But we were to make it sounds like it was our idea. His name is Zagrias.  We were told to go to a location and find clues that Duke believes will be there.  The addresses lead us to a Victorian style home.  The doors looked like they had been broken down and I saw a canister inside maybe some chemical delivery. The house was trashed. There was some handwritten document and the paper was handmade as well. Luckily it was in English, it was a detail of atrocities rape, murder, cheating, gambling. Automatic weapons were used things were shredded the walls were zipped.  We found a cell phone on a person’s body dressed in black fatigues and a destroyed bullet proof vest and an automatic. The notepad feature on the phone was used: Note 1 had meeting times and locations.. Denna’s Den , Note 2 an address for  Bill’s house.

It looks like maybe one of the coterie survived and gone down a trap door.  Nicolai found a trap on the trap door handle, was able to figure it out, and open the trapdoor without bad things happening.  He discovered a shaped charge and that definitely would have counted as a bad thing if it had gone off.  We discovered a Nos and Nic was able to calm him down and let him know it was ok to leave. He didn’t know who the attackers were and he left to find friends to stay with although I offered him use of a safe house if he needed it.

We heard some bumping around upstairs and thought someone might be in trouble so we went up to investigate. Payden and Logan were going at it and Warren joined in. I left the room and stood guard, eventaully, we went to the address we found in the phone  it lead to someone named, surprisingly enough,  Bill which means that the body we wound wasn’t Bill.  Then again it would hardly be likely that Bill would need his own address or label it Bill’s house if he did.

Bill’s Ranch style house was dark when we got there, the neighbor on the left still had their lights on, and so did one on the other side of the street. Logan went through the garage. Nick went to the back and Warren and I went to the front, it was locked. Fang picked the lock we went in and Nick found a jar with something floating in it. I don’t think it was a good something, it gave me the creeps.  He and Payton looked at it for a little bit and then put it back where they found it. We searched the house and didn’t find anything. When we went to the basement they found an iPod and a laptop. There were meeting minutes on the laptop it all sounded really boring. The last one mentioned something about questioning the girl. There was a list of questions one of which was, where are the other witches so apparently the group that attacked the kindred did also hunted other things.  The witches name was Jenny. There were more names of supposed coven members. Some witch named Mina was betraying others and giving them information to keep herself safe, from the notes, her days were numbered. They were meeting her at the bar tonight. We also found some locked gun cases, Nick opened one and Fang yelled no wait. Then the room exploded.

Everyone got out ok.  I took some damage and couldn’t hear for a bit and well my clothes got blown off. Luckily, Warren had a spare set in the trunk. When we got to Dena’s den. It’s a bar.  We found Morgan and Sarah there and they were also looking for who was taking their toys.  From listening to them some the Witches were “Their” packs.  Mina was working that night so I used my mesmerize to implant the idea that on her next break she would come and get me and take me someplace quiet so we could talk.

We talked and I called my security department to escort us out. While we were waiting for them to come and get us. Mina went over to their table and put a some sheets of green paper down. The men  got up and left. Nick picked their pocket on the way out so we will see what happens when they find the paper gone.

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