Shadowgate Session 34 The Dukes Dry Cleaning or I left my foot in old chicago

Shadowgate Session 34 Saturday April 14, 2012

When I awoke, I discovered that Stephanie had sent away Nicolai’s workmen and called them slackers and sub-par. He was upset about this and so was Stephanie. I could see Stephanie was upset and why but he is my guest so he gets a certain degree of leeway.
I told her that I would try and get him to utilize people who are familiar with us and our grounds. But he is my guest and more importantly a kindred and she should never have gotten into conflict with another kindred or their hireling or servants. I told her to apologize and make amends. She did and Nick said that he would like to use his own people. I said that would be fine. I have my doubts but for now I will hold my silence. At least there shouldn’t be any security breaches if he has used them before.

Warren called and asked if I could help with a task, he was given by Amanda Burns. I don’t know why she got us involved when all we wanted was contact information at court but Warren and I found ourselves at Enderly’s Dry cleaning to pick up the Duke’s Dry cleaning. I am still scratching my head over this one but maybe she was trying to put us in our place. Who knows what is going through the minds of the older kindred but on the plus side Warren got a years free dry cleaning and while at court Max asked to join the circle and was introduced to Sister Ellya, the leader of the circle of the Crone.

Upon calling the Chicago court, we were informed that we must wear coordinating colors of blue and appropriate court attire for our presentation to the Prince of Chicago.
Oh, and we have overnight to get it all done. I swear I think the only joy some the elders have is watching us just through hoops, at least is it something simple that I can just throw money at until it goes away.

I am making arrangements to get us to Chicago: a plane to get us there, a house to stay in and a limo while we are in town. I texted the results to everyone in the cotire as plans were finalized. Then I asked Logan and Paulo if they just wanted me to get their court cloths. I got a call from Rose asking me to text Gillian with the shade of blue I was going to wear. In the end I coordinated with Nick and I got coordinating outfits for everyone. It was just easier. Again I like it when I can just throw money at a problem and solve it.

I decided that while the rest went to Chicago I would try and expedite the restoration of the children to their parents. Which I did. I also set up a foundation called Kidnapped Children Foundation.

The others found the Maricetti home and investigated they fought a battle. It turns out that Leticia is somewhat of a combat monster and she enjoys letting her blood lust free.
The Coterie met someone called Richard Hill a Chicago Mob boss and Kindred and leader of his coterie. That offered for a price to clean up the mess they made during the battle. 50K and a favor. Letica went into the sewer and finished dismembering the two she helped kill. She was covered in blood and loving it.

Logan and Payden appeared with multiple bite wounds and Paydens foot was chewed off.
They wouldn’t say where they had been or what happened. They left the house and went somewhere to recover. Then they all went to the house I rented.

Mel got a call and said he would be up the next night. He was asked to bring one of the pups.

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