Session 33 Nicolai Kovelevski or The Maracetti Family

Session 33 March 03 2012

Stephanie watched the kids through the day and arranged for care while we researched them and tried to locate those with families.  I called Warren to arrange a meeting to see if he had an idea on helping to find them. I would arrange for those who had them to be returned to their families after I confused their memories.

A kindred named Nicolai Kovelevski whose sire is Valdamir Velescove came to the club asking for Logan or myself. They directed him to the VIP entrance and Warren greeted him and showed him to the Velvet underground.

I go to the club and talked to Warren about finding any of the kids parents and questioning the Bishop Steele. His solution was simple and elegant after their memories were blurred we would turn them over to the police. Speaking of the children made me think about our need to question Vincent, the child we captured in the Black Lollie raid.

Logan showed up and was told about Nicolai.  We all went downstairs together. Logan went over and introduced himself and set down. We set at a nearby table but we could only see talking then they left and went out. I am guessing to one of the meeting rooms.  They soon came back and Nicolai was introduced to us.  He told us he was business man and an information broker. Who was looking to do business with us. Payden called Paulo and I suggested we take this meeting to the office.

We voted to accept him as a member of our coterie so we called him back and started to talk about things that were going on. While we welcomed him to our company we also warned him that we also had groups seeking our downfall, some to the point of final death some just feeling that we had risen too far too fast. I got a call then, some small emergency with the children, but it did require my personal attention.

The Coterie met with Duke while I was busy. They relayed to me his request for me to help break Vincent. I called as soon as I got word of his request and they told me to call back next night.

I went home Nicolai wanted to talk about housing. I agreed to let him have the second floor of the west wing until he could build his own place. We were getting our day… I mean night in order, when Payden noticed that the TV was showing that her old house was on fire. We all eventually met up near her old home. Warren asked me to take my sniper rifle and provide cover.

We met up at the car and I heard about the two gombas that were after Russell and the strange man with the widows’ peak, from the brood, that was probably after Payden or Logan.

We decided to meet back at the club, when we got there Paulo had some news for us. He had a lead from someone named Moore about a family named Maracetti.  Nick was all set to prove his usefulness and go to Chicago to follow up the lead but we convinced him to wait until we had more information. The lead said that they had worked with the FBI against the Mafioso during prohibition.  We did the research and found Officer Maroon and an old address for the family. They had held the land for many years until the 5 years ago when it was let go for taxes. The interesting thing is, the city now owns it, but they have not tried to re-sell it. We think something or someone is still there. As of 5 years ago, Maria and John the grandparents, Richy, 46, the parent,  the grandkids Bobby, 23,Julie 20 and Von 17 were all listed as living there at that time.  The grandkid all went missing the third week of January. Today the kids would be 28, 25 and 22. I didn’t really find anything about the time the family worked with Maroon. It was like the data had been sanitized. We are done researching. I think we are going to plan a little field trip.

Logan taught me how to notice things and I taught him how to use the command tone that I learned from the military. I got a call from Payden and Warren headed out to the club.


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