Session 32 Making a list and checking it twice or Meeting the society of Baltimore

Session 32 February 18,2012

I awoke to find a sticky note on my door saying don’t leave on the mansion until we had meeting. We discussed: the accounting files of Bishop Steele; His Connection to child snuff films/pedophilia/ Black Lollie; the Lollie’s or Steele’s connection to Renee; Renee’s connection with Vampire to moral wonder drug that Elizabeth/Leticia had in her possession which she gave Leonardo; from there we went to the Red Dust  trade with Bishop Steele and the Duke’s dispensation to avoid a war from Elizabeth and red Dust.

We also touched on the Brood situation. Then we went back to Paulo’s quest to find Leonardo. From there we segued to the Duke’s hunt for underage vampires. Then the meeting broke up when we got a call from Patricia Lennon from hospital. Cassie Sullivan was awake.

Later we made plans for how to investigate the delivery that Steele was supposed to receive from Black Lollie. We decided to give Logan a bug and have him plant it on the delivery vehicle. Then we would track it.  We also decided that the coterie would all go and investigate. On a side note, Logan agreed to teach me aspect if I would teach him dominate, a one for one.

Warren called and wanted to meet so we went to the club and met in his office. He wanted to talk to me alone so I sent Stephanie to get us some drinks. He said that Sonja wants me to do something for her. If the child in the transfer is a kindred she would like me to implant the need to flee in full frenzy as soon as they see the bishop and forget me. I acknowledged the request.

I was able to make eye contact with the kindred child and able to get away unseen. The vehicle that dropped him off drove the airport and I walked by and tried to catch the eye of one and didn’t, so I tried again with another an implanted the command to text me his address when he got to where he was going. We got the flight plan for the plane we were following and I called the Duke and got permission to use his private plane. We got on board and we offered refreshments I declined and so did Logan and Paulo. Warren and Rose went to the rear. Paulo and Elizabeth joined them. Payden got a drink and seduced Logan into drinking with her. I stayed on task and kept tracking the other plane.  The next think I knew there was a stripper pole and Payden was eyeing it. Then she started dancing and oh my lord how she danced.  Payden asked me if I was going to drink and I said that the last time I did I made a pass at her and I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Payden said I was her buddy. I said that’s me, friend to all. She said that sounds like a sad thing. About that time we heard Paulo from the back saying Yes, yes harder. Then No not you Warren oh well go ahead just this once. Then Payden talked Logan into dancing and he did well. It was athletic and vibrant and most importantly it killed the feelings that Payden’s dance had aroused.  We got there and spent the day on the plane.  Rose arranged transportation and we got the address off the burn phone. I destroyed and activated the new one Rose had gotten me. We decided to travel to the address and see what was there. I got on Google Earth and looked the address. It looked like an old farm house with three outbuildings. The scouts went in for a closer look.

They reported that there were about 20 kids and 30 to 40 people/ kindred on-site about 10 kindred on-site with 4 kindred on patrol.

Aden Star Keeper, Danica Brice Prince, Bowen Reeve Seneschal. We had the address of her Elysium, an old private hotel for the super rich. There were two kindred that stepped in front of the doors. Warren announced our presence and we all waited until someone came to the door. Tall well built, medium black hair hazel eyes dressed in a well tailored suit.  Sebastian Rothe, the Sheriff, waited for us to introduce ourselves. He led us to the grand ballroom. The doors were open and on a semi-dais was a chair with a fairly attractive woman with long black hair that curled slightly. She had a curvy figure and pale skin. She was flanked by 2 males, one short sandy brown hair, one short black hair both in well tailored suits, black hair was slender toned but not muscular, sandy was similar in build to the sheriff.

Warren introduced himself and spoke of his lineage.  Payden presented a bottle of Z.

I introduced myself as Melvin Alucard. The long and short of it was that Payden was chosen to stay until things got worked out, because we hadn’t presented ourselves immediately upon arrival. We flew back and on the way we arranged an appointment with the Duke. We went to Elysium and were met by the Sheriff. Who escorted us to the Duke.   We entered and the Duke was pacing and we kneeled.  Eric said we were here. We told him what we had seen and heard.  And that Danica had decided to keep Payden.  The child vampire ran amok publicly. Rufus Meaks and the bishop were being dealt with. The Duke said that we might get a chance to question him.   Then we were sent back to retrieve Payden.  Eric was placed in charge. He took Dar and Charion. We called Russell and he was available, so we got the strike force. I was assigned the main house and said I would see that the human children were taken care of. I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I didn’t try and save them. I was tasked to take main house and find what we need. We took out the guards as we got to them. Inside we saw a familiar face that had been hanging around outside the club. His name is Vincent. Rescued 10 kids. While the others went to court to confront the “Prince” of Baltimore I stayed and started to alter the perception of some of the children.

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