Session 31 Family or is it Prisci or Priscuses

Session 31 Feb. 04

I went to find Stephanie and found she had taken over and decorated Warren’s old office. It was also knee deep in different moldings, some of it looked like it had been ripped right off the wall, as I was talking to her she was getting more and more agitated as I shifted through the different ones. Finally, she broke down into a hissy fit that I found most unbecoming. She made the brag that she would know which ones I would have selected. So I told her that she would choose them and have them in my office tomorrow, if she succeeded fine, if she failed she would be punished.

The next night she was there with the samples. I told her to wait and went to her office and went through every piece there making sure I saw them all. I then went back and looked and the pieces she had chosen and said that she had picked correctly.  I told her that I was displeased and told her why and she asked for a punishment.

I got a phone call. “At some point this evening you will visit me.” Since the voice didn’t say who it was and sounded like the Duke I said “Yes, your Grace, Your whim is my command.” He said, “As it should be”, and hung up.  I went and informed the others and Warren said “Why don’t you stop by the club and bring him a bottle.”  I thought it was a good I idea and so I followed him there. I was directed down to the underground. As I got there the door burst open and a pretty gangrel was soon on the bottom of a Rugby type pile.   Warren asked for a stake and I handed him one. I saw it he had it well in hand so I went and got a bottle of the sweet and went to Elysium. I will have to remember to ask what all that was about.

The Duke said that he was glad that I remembered the formalities. He seemed disappointed in the vintage I brought, while Eric seemed relieved. I told the Duke that he was always welcomed at the club if he wanted a different vintage.  The Duke wanted me to interrogate the three young punks that we had captured, find their sire, and any with him, and bring them in. I am also to find if they were willing chose the life they now have. I excused myself and went to the dungeon. I found Dar down there and he told me to let him know if I needed any assistance.

I found the girl and two guys.  The guys were still asleep, so I woke them up. I used my mesmerize and Found the location, the numbers and the fact that they did not choose to live the live they now lead. The address they gave was George Washington Carver drive the third house on the left, down the dirt road.

I called the coterie and had everyone meet us at the club.  I called the sheriff and asked for some hounds. He loaned me nine. We had a briefing. I told them what I knew and the Dukes order’s were to bring them in. I also said that I didn’t know if they were still there but we were about to find out.

We got there and stopped a couple blocks away. We sent some scouts ahead (Logan, Max, Payden). Russell said that he was going to take off and headed out in an apparently random direction. We waited a couple of minutes then headed out.

They reported a gathering of 10 outside and four more inside. Payden went to attack and a black cat the size of a horse grabbed her and pulled her back. Logan said that he had to go. I didn’t see any of this but I heard about it later. We went in I said “Surrender or face eternal destruction.” Ok it was more than a little over the top but it still felt good.  One asked why we attacked and I said that the Duke wanted to see them and commanded that we bring them in.  One started screaming about her children and started vomiting smoke.  It made it hard to think or act. (Subtract 4 dice from all actions for the scene.)  I said they were alive but in custody. Elizabeth and Paulo attacked the vomiting one.  Most knelt when I called on them to do so. One Adult tried to talk to the other but didn’t kneel and 2 kids attacked. Payden asked what we were doing and I said attack those that are resisting.  Warren told them to surrender and they all did. We took them back to the Duke.

The Duke told me to interrogate them and find out if there were others in the area and how involved the humans were and why they were flouting his rule. The humans had no knowledge and I wiped what happened and implanted more mundane boring memories. We took them home and let them go. I went home and made sure everyone made it back and texted Payden and Alex to make sure they were still ok.

After I got up in the morning I tried to keep tabs on everyone. Logan was at the hospital a lot, staying near Cassie. Warren went out with his sire, to a movie I think. I don’t know what Payden or Paulo were doing. So after I made sure the people that were important to me were ok, I went to work on the people we had picked up. Why did they flout the Duke’s rule? The “Elders” had been there and they were protecting their children and every child needs a mother. There is a mother for every child. They sounded like some wacko cult to me.

The Duke called the Prisci, (That the plural of Priscus) of the clans to come in.  The coterie was called in too. The Duke said they were here because he wanted them to be and that they hadn’t been doing their job. You see before you a group that decided not to obey my laws. Not only did they create childer without permission. But the broke my most sacred command and took children. They were offered a chance to live and obey by destroying their childer. They refused and were slain as were their childer by Eric, Karren and Dar. We were all then told to present any childer that hadn’t been presented.  And search the city for undeclared childer or a like group. The Priscus were being held accountable.

Warren reminded me about the delivery in a few days and the need to find out about the red dust. He asked if I could research more into Black Lollie and the brought up find out if Rene is still in town.

Payden and brought Russell to me and he told me about his connection to the red dust trade in town. He was able to give us places and descriptions, license plate numbers and some other information I took it down and sent it on to Warren.

Exp. 10

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