Session 30 Grenade to the pants or Finding little Renee

Session 30 January 21, 2012

I was at the club making sure things were going smoothly. When Warren called and said he had an HD that he wanted me to pull data off.  It took me two hours to pull the data and un-encrypt it. I asked Warren if he could have Rose look at it and he said that I should leave a message for Gillian and she would take care of it the next day and to make sure it was Gillian. Not really sure what he meant but his employee his rules.

Since the night was still young, we went looking for trouble. I armored up accordingly. We got to the park and Logan and Max went to look around. Warren and I were following with Stephanie.  When we got up to them we found a group of four teenage V Punks around age 16. A girl was running away from them she seemed distraught. We dropped one of them and they seemed to want to take their fallen and go and not cause trouble.  I mentioned that by the Duke’s law a minor shouldn’t roam the night.  They left the park and we followed. I called the Sheriff and asked for instructions and we were told to bring them in. Logan did the honors staking down two and causing the third to surrender by the time we drove up. I like having him on my side. We took them to the Sheriff and headed back to the park to join Logan.

Meanwhile Logan managed to find Renee, again we heard we have contact and knew that no matter what happened we couldn’t get there in time. We heard Logan say, “Oh Fuck” then a loud bang and then silence.  A little bit later, Logan called on an unidentified number. He said to meet him at the Mansion and that he would need some money. When we pulled up I saw an unfamiliar car outside. We went inside and found Tiffany passed out on the floor. She looked very pale.  Warren took care of Tiffany. Logan authorized me to pay Russell 50K for services rendered. I tried to intimate that if he helped us again he would be paid again.

Logan told us what happened, Renee called him her favorite plaything and she brought him back from torpor. Apparently Max drew off 6 of them and left Logan to fight Renee, and he was doing ok until she dropped a couple of grenades down his pants to end the fight but she was pretty messed up too.

We were talking with Max out in the hall and she seemed to feel that she didn’t fit in. We tried to reassure her that we liked her and she fit in with our group.  Logan called again and asked if someone could pick up his bike, because he wasn’t moving to well right at the moment.  The boys were able to get the bike with no questions. Cassie collapsed on stage and was taken to the hospital. Doctors think it was a mild stroke but they are not sure. We think that her link with Logan caused her to overload but we are not sure.

The next night, I talked with Logan and he didn’t want to ask the Pack if they wanted to help him recover.  But, he wouldn’t mind if they helped him by catching him dinner. I called them and Fang answered. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and asked if the girls would take Alex shopping and would he and Odin help Logan catch some supper. He said the girls would be willing to help Alex spend some money. That it shouldn’t be a problem and that he would help Logan catch his dinner and something about missing the shower anyway.  I tried to extend a hand of friendship to Alexandra  but I don’t know how well it went over.  I went to help Fang catch a deer for Logan’s supper. Shade and Paydon came and got Alex and took her out to shop. After catching the deer I called Steph and asked her to get some phones for the new people and replacements for everyone that need a replacement.

We had an idea about how to find where Renee might be located. I don’t remember who had it, but we ended up called up the troops minus Elizabeth, Paulo, Logan, and Alex. Morgan and Sara agreed to help if Warren met their price as did our own little bundles of fun and fur. The kids tracked them to the house of the parents that got a video of the snuff film.  We took them all down and turned Renee into the Duke. He later told us that it was not Renee but someone that thought she was Renee.

15 points

Dustin and extra 10 for his maps.

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