Session 29 New Kids on the block or house plans

Session 29 January 7,2012

Warren called and said he had some bad news, some worse news and some horrify news what do you want to hear?  I thought about it and asked for the horrifying news. Apparently, Logan was going to be severely chastised with a thousand lashes and they are in the Duke’s disfavor. (Its been brought to my attention that it might seem like Logan got more punishment than the rest… its because Logan had already broken this law once before at the start of this campaign. He is actually thankful to be alive.)  We may need to find Cassie, not sure how she is going to react to the news or the sensations coming through her bond.

So the story is Paulo embraced Elizabeth and she went on a killing spree. Warren and Logan kept two of them from dying in some sorority house.  They are going to spend the night at Elizabeth’s old apartment and we can talk about arrangements tomorrow. The Duke felt that being Paulo’s child is Elizabeth’s punishment. Then again I guess that means I am being punished also.  Alexandra(Ally) Argenes Warren’s responsibility, Maxine(Max/Molly) Eshe Logan’s responsibility, and Elizabeth Duncan are the new additions to our family.

I got some drugs for Cassie and used my mind powers so she would not feel any pain from her link with Logan during his punishment. I asked Rose and Stephanie to help her through the next three days. The Duke made an announcement saying that we had his dispensation to create a child. One child but not two, therefore Logan will be given a thousand lashes over three nights. Then Logan was wheeled in and Eric started giving him his lashes.  Ally seemed terrified and afraid to breathe wrong, luckily she didn’t have to breathe.  Max was upset and clinging to Payden. Elizabeth was critiquing the blows.

I called when they were taking a break and got a status report on Cassie. I told Logan that Cassie was being taken care of and was not feeling the pain and I could see the relief.

After the night’s whipping, Paulo and Elizabeth started to get into an inappropriate conversation in the middle of Elysium so I suggested they adjourn to somewhere more private.

Warren asked me what I found out about Black Lollie and I told him I sent some emails to some of my financial conflicts to try and find out who the accountant is that works for Bishop Steele.  So we could follow the money and hope it leads us somewhere.

The next night I made sure the Geek Squad was there and seen being there. They didn’t like it, but they did show up. When they asked why I said that they need to see and be seen and that they had to know that if you mess up there are consequences. Warren showed up with Alex at the mansion introduced her to everyone. I am not sure why Cassie has been running around without a shirt but no one seemed to mind and she was under a lot of stress.  The time just seemed to fly by and the nights passed quickly.

I did get a name back from my contacts about Steele’s accountant. His name is Rupert Jones.

Warren disappeared for a couple nights. I kept an eye on the club and continued to dig into Rupert Jones. Eventually, I went to Sonja’s and enquired about his health.  She said that she was about done with him. She also indicated that she was upset with me for calling so much and that she had taken Warren’s phone.  I was allowed to take him home. Later, Warren, Paulo, Ally and I went to the club. Meanwhile, Logan, Max, and Payden were following Bishop Steele.

Warren ran into the lupine ladies, Morgan and Sara, and they went somewhere and got reacquainted. Logan and friends kept sending back periodic reports about Steele’s location.  Paulo left following Ally around three. I noticed white hair on the dance floor and spotted Camilla.  I kept an eye on her but nothing happened. Eventually, Paulo and Ally showed up and we all rode home together. I had Ally stay in Warren’s room and said we would figure out accommodations later.  I think we are going to have to convert the study temporarily and maybe construct a guest house for Warren’s herd of girls that he is helping out.  Logan called asking if there were any rooms open I said that the guest room that Dar and Charrion usually use was open and went back to bed.

Paulo left early the next evening and didn’t say where he was going. As he was leaving Warren came in. Logan went to Payden’s room where Max spent the night, and so did the pups. I reviewed the tapes and called Stephanie to discuss drawing up plans for the guest house.

After four nights, we were able to track down Steele’s real bookkeeper, Jeffery East. He comes in once a week dressed as a pool cleaner. It turns out that Jeffery East is a fake name. Warren talked to him and found out that he was the Bishop’s supplier of children as well as his shady-business accountant and that he knew about the red dust but was not a part of it and as far as he knew there was no connection to Black Lollie. East is also gay according to Warren.

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