Session 28 Black Lollie or Logan Opps he did it again

Session 28 Dec 10, 2011

Warren had asked me to try and find out about Black Lollie, who or what is this funding source. It took me most of the night, especially after the interruptions of tracking Elizabeth who was wandering around like a drunken monkey. Finally, as soon as the sun was down she left the house and grounds. Sometime around dawn, I finally traced it down and found out that Black Lollie is an independent film company that specializes in child pornography. It is way, way, way underground and it took the entire night for the team and myself to track down some of the films.  The films look like the same style as the video that was given to the parents of the last child that had gone missing. They seem to be based on the East Coast near Baltimore Maryland a place called Kingsville.

Warren and Paulo went out looking for Elizabeth, later Logan went to join them.

Since I was borrowing Warren’s girl Friday, Gillian, I had loaned him mine, Stephanie. She called using the Ragnarok code. I called everyone trying to passed it on, the wolves didn’t answer. Payden did she got here. I directed the others to go to Elizabeth safe house since interested parties already knew of it.

Things were interesting the next day, when I found out what the others had done last night.

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