Session 27 Taking back our own or Enter the Black Lollie

Session 27 Nov. 12

When I got up I saw Paulo was dressed to kill, no, I mean literally dressed to kill, full chain shirt and two swords. Payden was giving him a hard time about the way he was dressed. I joined in too. Warren asked for a ride to the Club so he could go through his files. Payden and Fang went with him.  I was reviewing the day’s tapes when they left. Paulo went to the Dojo. Eventually, I called Stephanie and we talked some then I called our Shadow-gate liaisons to ask about our club being declared neutral ground and having some set up for allowing rival groups to meet in peace.

I was in the middle of that call when Paulo came on the intercom and said, “Hey, Melvin get the car, we need to get to the club and meet up with Warren and Payden.”  I got the car and was waiting for him. I must have missed the memo where we were told what was going on, so just to be a good boy scout, I wore good clothes and then I put my war bag in the car too. Stephanie wanted a ride to the club and since I didn’t know why we were going I said sure. I called Paulo and said I was waiting. Stephanie and I started necking and then Paulo showed up. I introduced them and off we went. We got there I gave her a kiss on the check and said that Paulo and I had a meeting up in Warren’s office and that I would see her later.

Warren said the Bishop was at a benefit dinner for the make a wish foundation. I didn’t have tickets to that particular event. Warren decided he would go in and try and spook Bishop Steele. Warren was called away on club business when he came back he started talking about Rufus Meaks and that maybe we were coming at this from the wrong direction, maybe we should just ask for our property back.  So I called Alex third assistant to the prime assistant for Bishop Jonathan Rice who called me back after about 30 min and I laid out our position. A little bit later was called by got a call back from someone new, calling himself the prime assistant. He asked what was the time frame and I told him that I was trying to hold back my friends and that I was doing my best but I couldn’t give him a lot of time.

We drove and got to the benefit dinner that Steele was at and since I had no word back from the Lancea members, Warren went in with Payden and Paulo.  I waited out in the car. It was interesting to hear how Warren worked his charm. Evidently, they saw a kindred spirit there. They described her and it was my sire so I told them they were the ones that T-boned me. I called the number they gave me and my sire answered. I tried to find out why she was there but she hung up before I could.

They left shortly thereafter and for a moment I had the idea of T-boning them. But I resisted the notion, mainly because it would have meant talking to them again. We followed them to Elizabeth’s old apartment. Bishop Steele arrived and so did my sire.

When I went up to the door, she asked if I were stalking her and I said no this was my apartment. She said if She didn’t get to go in neither did I and I said ok MOM, then I gestured for Paulo to go in. He went in and a little bit later a human woman went in, just about the time the Bishop was spilling his guts.  She shut him up and told us where to find Elizabeth.  She also warned us to go careful because she was guarded.

We got the address she gave us and waited for everyone to arrive. Eventually, the lights came up and the shooting started. We advanced and started shooting. Paulo and Payden were mowing them down.  I admit that I shot a couple and in a short time only three were left. They fell about the time we saw lights flickering, heard guns going off and a woman screaming.  Everyone else ran inside as I walked up. I looked around outside and it looked like everyone out here was dead.  I thought that with everyone inside they would call if they needed me. So I waited and kept watch. When I saw the flashing lights in the distance I told the others that they had about 4 minutes to get what they needed and get out. Rather than stand around doing nothing I went and got the car. We left before the cops got there. When we got home everyone scattered, some people went to clean off or change. Warren and I were fine we just wiped our feet and went back to the club.

I saw Stephanie and went to talk to her.  I was trying to see if she was ready to be brought into our world. We went to my office where it was quiet to talk. And I brought her into our world and made her mine. We made sweet love and plighted our troth with a sweet red vintage.  Meanwhile back home apparently, the wolves brought a live deer into Paulo’s room and then carried a dead deer out leaving a blood trail, I have no idea what’s going on, I guess someone needed… no, no, I have no idea what was going on.

My sire showed up at the club and went down to the velvet underground. Warren was there and kept her and her sisters occupied and they all shared some Triple E. It was about then that I didn’t want to know anymore.

On another front Logan was playing cat and mouse with Cassie. She seemed to be mad at him for something, as usual he wasn’t talking, so no idea.

We got home and went to bed in the morning I was reviewing the tapes and saw the whole deer caper. Warren texted about some sort of connection between someone or something called Black Lollie and Bishop Steele and money. So the next question is who or what is it… A Person.. A Corporation. Then found Logan was chained to the bed again and this time he let me un-cuff one hand before he told me to get out. I think he is mellowing, marriage must agree with him. I did wonder why he didn’t’ use his super powers and escape but life is full of its little mysteries. When we got back to the breakfast nook, I told the kids I was proud of them for doing what they had to do with the whole deer incident.

10 Exp.

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